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"This debut album (Broken Amps and Fuzz Boxes) says "like us or not, this is how we rock." For fans who miss when musician's had the balls to rock, and the courage to gently roll.

“My friends, Joe and the Jungle are here to put some L.A. sleaze back into rock n roll. Coming at ya straight off the Sunset Strip by way of New York City...imagine if you threw Guns n’ Roses, Cheap Trick and The Beatles into a blender and added a dash of The Sex Pistols for flavor…the resulting mess would be Joe and the Jungle...Joe and the Jungle makes me think about what Velvet Revolver could have been if Scott Weiland wasn't such a candyass. Or maybe what it would have sounded like if GnR had dropped the cocaine in favor of dropping a little acid instead. These guys remind me of a time when rock music was a little dangerous and the musicians playing it tiptoed on the edge of disaster…It's a damn good rock album (Broken Amps and Fuzz Boxes) that you need to check out.”

"Great new rock albums are becoming as rare as rocking horse shit, so when an album comes along as good as “Broken Amps And Fuzz Boxes” it would appear wise to listen...If you like the idea of a band with the melodic range of Foo Fighters, the attitude of late ‘60s Detroit and a singer who doesn’t recognise limits, you should check out Joe And The Jungle."

“LA-based Joe and The Jungle certainly aren’t your average bunch of bored kids with guitars”

“‎The talent and experience that (Joe and the Jungle) possesses is staggering and they know exactly how to use it.”

“I had to sit down as my face was starting to melt off from Martin's solos...”

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“Fuckin' ROCK!”

Mother Theresa - Mother Theresa Monthly

“Their live show is the the wildest thing i've seen since Gettysburg!”

Abraham Lincoln - Colonial Weekly