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“Hank Grant Said " Happy Thanksgiving to you Jody. You truly are Da Bomb. Oh my,,, that probably made satellites uplink right away. Lol. For all those who are listening, Jody Dickey is truly Da Bomb and the greatest promoter on the planet. And that is in no way a threat to national security. God bless the USA.”

Hank Grant - Eagle Dreams Promotions

“From WildMan Pebo Wilson > If you're looking for a promoter Miss Jody Dickey is one of the best in the business! ! Give her a shout”

“Thanks to Our Awesome promoter Jody Dickey for the help and support of not just Second Chance but all the Artist that she is promoting.... Not only Jody being a promoter, Jody is the friend needed in all of the music industry. With out Jody's dedication, hard work, knowledge and devoted commitment to her clients, None of this Would be possible... Again thanks Jody for everything your doing... With all love Merlin and all at Second Chance....”