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Words... We think them, we speak them, we write them, we dream them.. Language is everywhere within gestures, within thoughts, within conversations both with ourselves and with others. Words can be manipulated, cause manipulation, soothe, educate, discourage, mislead, provoke love, instigate hate and promote war and also peace. They can be evil, villainous and vile, just as they can be soulful, thoughtful and beautiful. Be mindful of the power of your own words and the words of others that you infatuate yourself with and give power too. I am a writer, I am a poet, these are my words I am giving to you, I breathed them life and my mind shaped them into what I wanted them to be for you and for myself.

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Jodie Cee - Vocals
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Jodie Cordell
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Coffs Harbour, NSW, AU