Jodi Arlyn / Press

"..You are moving on your own now, strings untied, life undefined.." absolutely brilliant collection of beautifully written and realised songs here..your lyrical skills are mesmerising..just love how you throw the conversational together with the rich, poetic image..and the arrangements are so imaginative..really love all that untuned percussion on "only tuesday"..gave me chills and made me think of the great experimenters like Scott Walker and Brian Wilson. Gloriously, poptastic music you're making here!"

“A delightful mix of songs about being in and out of love, Arlyn has a knack for writing pleasing hooks and intriguing chords that are not as commonplace in today’s pop music.”

Kelly O’Neil - Review You

“Listening to "Stars Up On The Ceiling" is like listening to Barbra Streisand's albums from the 70's. Jodi's voice is smooth and sweet and her songs will bring out the romantic in all of us.”

"Only Tuesday from Jodi Arlyn - Stars up on the Ceiling. This is Jodi's album debut. She's been pushing her dream to succeed in New York City and is finally releasing her first album. Jodi's voice is a lovely and matured. She doesn't try too hard, no doo wops or cheesy humming. Her band introduces her in this song with white gloves, carefully tapping the drums as they vibrate into my headphones preparing me to listen to her story. The song's short, controlling the listener to not get antsy or bored by typical songwriter repetitious blues. I picked this song because I have lived this Tuesday. I'm sure everyone has. I hope she gets what she wants from this album."