Jodi Ann / Press

“Jodi....CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING THE AiiRadio.net HALL OF FAME with your fantastic song Wheels. You staying in the Top 40 for 18 weeks and now have a permanent place in our hall of fame”

“Jodi Ann is truly one great artist and a very gifted songwriter. We also love her music and look forward to hearing any new songs she writes.”

“..personal favorite "Wish You Could Have Been Here"... It's had a tremendous impact on servicemen/women families here in the UK...I absolutely refuse to stop playing Jodi Ann's amazing music! ”

“Jodi Ann Rocks it Country Style!! Great lyrics, great tracks !!”

“.....Jodi Ann is up in our playlist because I LIKE HER AND I'M THE BOSS! OK? Fortunately the DJs and listeners agree with me :)”

“...all that rushed through my mind was WOW. Never in my life had I heard someone put themselves into their music as Jodi Ann has done, I could feel every part of every word she sang and knew it had to come from the heart...”

“Jodi Ann knows exactly what she wants musically and gets it....an artist who is comfortable in what she is doing. It's that professional edge that piqued my curiousity.”

“she brings a fresh face and a fresh musical approach to country music, she writes and sings from her heart and her style is classy and understated, which in the musical world of cookie cutters, Jodi Ann is a much needed breath of fresh air”