Joanna Melas / Press

“Dang! You have a beautiful voice Joanna! And I love how We Had No Cares automatically gives me good vibrations.”

“‘We Had No Cares’, lovely music, Joanna! You have a crystal clear, pure voice and I think that you have got it made!!”

“Wow! Fantastic vocals in 'Such as These', Amazing!! it's so intense. Well done!”

“Wonderful vocals and an inspiring fusion of styles - Awesome!”

“'Such As These' has a Great Message of Inspiration and is Sang Beautifully!”

“Your music is just extraordinary in a very special way. Great Vocals. Yes, The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to you and me. Super lyrics. Every track is special.”

"I'm always impressed with your music. When I hear/see the mediocre type music on TV or on the radio, I wonder why people like you haven't exploded onto the mainstream. I see you have gigs lined up but I think you're music should reach a larger audience, that's just my humble opinion. I really wish you well in all your musical endeavors."

Dave (greeneye656) - Reverbnation

"Joanna Melas has delivered a wonderful album. Three engaging originals plus seven distinguished covers of some well known contemporary songs make this cd one you can listen to anywhere - the car, at home or even over dinner. The standouts for me are the self penned Danca da Chuva, Break in the Weather and the delightful reggae treatment of Can’t Take My Eyes off You. ‘A Natural Selection’ is indeed a winner in the musical stakes."

"Doesn't matter what you sing it's the way you sing it that makes all the difference. As far as I'm concern you can sing the phone book and it'll sound great! Who can have any cares after listening to "We Had No Cares" I love the vibe and the explosive energy."

“Loved listening to your tracks and great arrangements. Your voice is amazing, like listening to something that is "perfect" or looking at a sunset. I felt like my brain had experienced a tonal cleansing.”

"This is exquisite! I instantly thought of Gloria Estefan. She wishes she sounded like you."

Frederick Ingram - Reverbnation

“One of the most professional,commercial Latin Jazz I´ve ever heard.Fantastic!”

LeonB - Reverbnation

“The track "We had No Cares" is sublime. It's one of those songs that gets into your head and won’t leave!! I'll have to charge it rent soon! As Pete said, when the song starts you're captured from the get-go, and when the vocals come in, you fall in love with it! It's one of the best songs I've ever heard in all my years of being in the music industry, so please continue writing great songs, and we'll keep playing them!”

“Blessed with a pitch-perfect and effortless vocal style which transcends whatever genre she chooses, Joanna will take the listener to their own personal paradise. Do as I did, click on 'Play All', and you will be so glad that you did.”

Andy Shearer - Reverbnation

“Melas has a clear, pure voice that is deep and rich when she sings low and crystalline throughout the long sustained higher tones. She harmonizes well with herself and accurately captures the emotion of the song in a refreshing unpresumptuous manner.”

“Melas has a winning Sade-like quality” and "a Karen Carpenter quality in her voice… there is purity and a beauty in the way she sings”

"Melas is just as adept as both the big and small number, that rare vocalist who sounds at home carrying a torch as she does slipping underneath the limbo bar. She’s put out a sweeping testament to that skill, a record that deftly spans that gamut"..."In "Love Letters" and "For All We Know" Melas shows a wholesome sensitivity that strongly recalls Karen Carpenter."

“From the sweltering funk of “Break in the Weather" to the swooning balladry of “The Look of Love," Melas covers a vast territory of styles with effortless charm.”

"From the funky Latin pulse of "Danca Da Chuva" to the Spanish sultriness of "We Had No Cares" to the shimmering piano introspection of "Such As These," Melas reveals no artistic boundaries. On "We Had No Cares," her vocals soar with crystalline clarity; it expresses the untainted joy of being swept away by love. On "Such As These," on the other hand, Melas' voice conveys a more reflective tone as hauntingly pensive piano flows like a waterfall. There are inventive covers as well as Melas explores reggae and the blues in the most unexpected places."

“First and foremost, Melas’s voice is utterly amazing. With her cover of the song “Love Letters,” her vocals are as smooth as velvet. It’s sexy, it’s sultry and most of all it’s captivating. Melas radiates with charisma. To be a great singer on stage, it takes more than just hitting all the right notes. To use a cliché, you have to have “it,” and Melas definitely has it! Just give one listening to her original song “We Had No Cares” and you will see. Its Latin flair and Melas’s rich vocals complement each other beautifully. It has the perfect blend of relaxing melodies and energizing rhythms. Her song “Danca Da Chuva” could very well be described the same. Melas seems the most in her element when singing songs that are rich with a Latin influence. In fact, Melas at times sounds quite a bit like Gloria Estefan. She has the same instant likability. She is a star in the making.”

“It is rare to find a singer who is equally talented in multiple song styles, but that is exactly the case with Joanna Melas. Fast, slow, sensual, spiritual - she makes anything sound incredible and the best part is, the listener can tell through her delivery that she is immensely enjoying herslf no matter what she is singing.”

“Joanna Melas is a singer with a voice that is made for the stage. Her album A Natural Selection features an eclectic collection of stage favorites and originals. The sounds range from Latin beats to a sweet serenades, from reggae rhythms to sultry blues. There is something for everyone on this album. It is a vacation for the ears.”