Joani Taylor / Press

“Let’s hope she’ll perform at jazz festivals next year, showing her old fans what they’ve come to see and hear and showing new fans that all one needs to find is a powerful jazz singer who knows their craft. Taylor is someone who knows and honors the craft of jazz. ”

John Book - this is books music.com

“. They seem so real as if these stories actually happened and are still happening everyday. Her album allows audiences to enter a world filled with blissful sensations and starry romances. No one in their right mind could say no to such temptation, and most of all, the human heart craves it. ”

Susan Francis - Jazz Review

“--- deep intense feeling operating at the highest level of artistry. Start to finish the album is a sublime exercise in jazz creativity ”

John Goodman - The North Shore New

“There are fourteen tracks on In My Own Voice, each one holding its own special charm which Joani Taylor provides with a magnificent performance that will warrant repeated spins of this album. ”

Mark Saleski - CMJ New Music Report Magazine

“Possessing a commanding vocal style and a voice that aides her in reaching the high notes with ease, Taylor seems a free spirit here singing untethered and unbound by earthly chains that keep some vocalist firmly on the ground.”

Edward Blanco - Jazz Review

“Congratulations Joani Taylor, on a terrific new recording! What a gift you are to all of us! Steve Getz The Jazz Network May 2009 ”