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Hilrant - Reverbnation

“Just put on my best phones and floated about on the beautiful sea of MoodS. An absolutely unpredictable and wildly imaginative soundscape. Simply superb!”

Professor P-Soop - r

“Without You" is stunning!!! A very powerful song. I feel the anguish, hurt, and passion in this wonderful song”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“This is not a love song is astonishing, one of the best shots of music I have heard lately...lyrics are touching and heartfelt, vocals are incredible.”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“Really great work here. I love it all, but so far my favorite is Bed of rains. I may change that as I listen to Cisne Negro...beautiful. And the guitar licks on PreludiuM...great.”

Richard Cooksey - Reverbnation

“Broken Mirror is simply beautiful.”

Jeff Bernstein - Reverbnation

“Jose, it's always a great time hitting your play all button.Fantastic talent and songs my friend”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“A FATHER'S LETTER... Its beautiful. Its heartfelt. Lyrically poetic.”

Steve Inglis - Reverbnation

“I am super impressed with your sounds and musical ability.I can only give you favorable remarks.Stay focused you are foreal”

The Lord of Lightning - Reverbnation

“Your music and "Anonymous Brainwash" is nothing short of brilliant - Love the first video ! BELIEVE our earthly condition ? Oh Yes !!!”

Duane Hitchings - Reverbnation

"It's A Shame" has a universal theme that has no boundaries. It is poetic and melodic with an important message about social change. It is one of the finest pieces of work I have heard in years

Mojo - Reverbnation

“cuba Central ufffff muy buen viaje!! excelente trabajo amigo, siguenos llenando de musica!”

The Hawk Son - Reverbnation

“Boy, "Highlands" literally puts you right there... great instrumentation and very epic sounding!”

Adam Nicholson - Reverbnation

"Desire" what a romantic outcome!!!!! Amazing Collab!!!! Very Very emotionally touching::::::)))))) The melody and production is so romantic, Jose and Kim is completing that romantic touch with her delicate, desired romantic voice. Just perfect!

Sharon Rachman - Reverbnation

“Jose, volevo dirti che amo la tua musica, sai spaziare tra vari generi musicali e li fai tutti molto bene, complimenti”

Monica Bergo - Reverbnation

“...GOOD VIBES....should be the headline here”

Healingcolors - Reverbnation

“Each & every track is utterly unique and engaging. "The Hunter" is my favorite. A dynamic, compelling, rich weave of rhythm, melody, and sounds that takes the listener on a wild ride.”

Annika Vitolo - Reverbnation

“It’s been a fascinating and pleasurable experience listening to your work again José. So much variation in your compositions, holding my interest one song after the other. Excellent production and arrangement skills so evident throughout~Absolutely brilliant!”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“ESSAM BOMBA is just brilliant! Lots of great surprises in this song! A real show-stopper!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Feeelings!! This is what you call Powerful Music!! Love the piano with that guitar and then the vocals come in and really make this beyond CAPTIVATING!!!!”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“'SILENTIUM' is truly delightful - calming, inspiring a sense of innocent joy and light”

Exile Pots - Reverbnation

"The sun will shine tomorrow", I feel like I am dancing in the rain really but the rain feels like the sun warming my whole and I am leaving the ground to travel the horizons::::)))))

Sharon Rachman - Reverbnation

“Wonderfully arranged compositions, the video for 'Don't Believe' is a must see..”

Fiona Mac Mahon - Reverbnation

“Mesmerised by the beautiful and thoughtful "Cisne negro" - such a wonderful melody, expressive singing and sensitive instrumentation - gentle and powerful.”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“Mulligan is travelling down some uber cool sonic pathways. A real trip indeed.”

Sills & Smith - Reverbnation

“Sr. Presidente es un gran tema, texto necesario, intenso, poderoso - gran delivery - this a great rap song, necessary, powerful lyrics, superb vocals and sound - People has the power”

Fernando Garcín - Reverbnation

“COSMIC WALKER...You are right! The feeling in this... we can really feel the COSMIC”

COSMIC DREAMERS - Reverbnation

“Preludium is amazing- reminds me of Pink Floyd but with less pretension and more space.”

Leighe J Hall - Reverbnation

“I'm loving the hypnotic Somewhere! Vocals are haunting, killer guitar work, lyrics are spellbinding!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Silent Knight II is blowing my mind! Incredible buildup and layering of levels of sheer musical power”

Professor P-Soop - Reverbnation

“Cant get over Binary Love, listened to it like 3 times in a row”

Gyist - Reverbnation

“Really enjoying the range and eclectic style of your productions..great skillz behind the mixing desk and very cleverly arranged..my favourite is the melancholic melodies of "end of the road"..the rhymes are superb”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Wow! Never heard "It's Over"...just phenomenal”

Professor P-Soop - Reverbnation

"MoodS ", intro Piano slowly building while being more supported by a mild crescendo of aromatic sensual reflective sounds each one playing its own tune like being in a crowd where everybody is making noise but it all gels Excellent well crafted song

Comfortable Cats - Reverbnation

“listening to the magical ¨whithout you¨... I am beyond impressed with the passion in this song,”

Albert Bevia - Reverbnation

“This Is Not A Love Song - Full of exciting surprises”

Ed Bogan - Reverbnation

“Bed of rains - cool, smooth, classic sounding tune”

The DoPe Brothers - Reverbnation

"Broken mirror" is such a beautiful piece of music, you touched my heart. AMAZING

Albert Bevia - Reverbnation

“Your words on ¨A Father's Letter¨ are pure poetry, so beautiful of full of meaning, and the vibe of the music fits perfectly into them. Amazing.”

Albert Bevia - Reverbnation

“Acabo de oír tu tema Anonymous Brainwash. Relajante por un lado e inquietante con los paneos”

Fer Peña Bursón - Reverbnation

“Loving the superb and evocative "Highlands" - full of grandeur and power with delicacy”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“Desire... Wonderful jazzy and yet super powerful song. Matches and blends perfectly in terms of sound, melody, mood.”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

"The sun will shine tomorrow"! Love the sounds, delicate intrumentation and warm vocals -it feels like it's raining outside and you both are playing in a room close to me

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“Brilliant, original, sensitive and thought provoking tracks... "It's a shame" is sensational.”

NewTribeZ Radio - NewTribeZRadio

“Feelings soars and The Hunter is a journey”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

"PreludiuM" sounds like Procol Harum meets Pink Floyd...giantic

LeonB - Reverbnation

"Silentium" today....beautiful....so warm and relaxing

The Altoonas - Reverbnation

“had a listen to " Cisne negro.... " and really enjoyed the song, fine arrangement, melody, voice,orchestration with nice guitar work and terrific style”

Dean Jablonski - Reverbnation

“Un saludo mientras oigo The Hunter y casi se puede decir mientras VEO los cazadores, Maestro”

Ionola - Reverbnation

“I especially loved "Give U". That song is special”

DOOLZ - Reverbnation

“Me ha gustado mucho la mezcla que haces con influencias de Santana, Hip Hop, algo de Tecno, Chill Out... muy variado. Especialmente me gustó The Hunter, Mulligan Remix y los temas de hip hop, interesante combinación!”

Izzy Dreen - Reverbnation

“Cuba Central, a cool slice of Latin/World brilliance every bit as magical as anything of Santana's”

Professor P-Soop - Reverbnation

“Mulligan remix buenisimo. Muy buen trabajo.”

Astral Darkness - Reverbnation


Rob Wright AKA PLAYA HALF DEAD - Reverbnation

"Somewhere" is a masterpiece, hermano, Love the epic electryfying songs like an avalanche

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“I can only describe this as a journey full of suprises, really exciting, original, unique”

Mama Chill - Reverbnation

“Strongly advice to watch this video, the message is loud, the music involved, can not be indifferent! This artist has something important to tell you.....listen it!!!!”

DOMËTRIA - Reverbnation

"Good Vibes" is fabulous - it's got the lot - wonderful tune, instrumentation, rhythm, style and is enormous fun.

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“Radiant beams of intelligent light piercing me from this page! I love it! Anonymous Brainwash haunts me thru & thru! You & Monty sound great together”

Bago Stones - Reverbnation

“'It's a shame' had to listen to it 2 times to get the true gist of the song which is so Very True!!!”

the th0ught pr0v0ker - Reverbnation

“Yo soy un enamorao del flamenco pero me quedo a disfrutar de tu arte un abrazo”

Marcos Requena - Reverbnation

“Thoroughly enjoyed listening to "Feelings". I think the name of the track speaks for itself. Brilliant stuff!!!”

Carlos Wilde - Reverbnation