J. L. J / Press

“Houston based rapper J. L. J has released his new 18 track hip hop album titled "Stay Focused", available through all major online retailers, including cdbaby and iTunes. Receiving airplay on countless radio stations and websites, the album is gaining nationwide recognition and proving to be a winner by earning a 4 1/2 star rating by consumers on iTunes. "Stay Focused" mainly reflects on life experiences of coming up in a rough neighborhood without catching any breaks. It surely has the club, crunk, and party jams going as well as songs for the ladies, but overall it's down to earth with a solid urban type vibe which makes this to be what some would say a complete album. J. L. J is marked as a true lyricist and songwriter spitting rhymes that are pure in nature with great delivery and realness that anyone of any age can relate to. "My biggest inspiration is to establish myself as a premiere hip hop artist (read full press release at http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=144262 ) ”

“by blast in a glass . poppin song! i think this will hit the charts bigtime :) ”

“by MEL MEL 394 im giving this five out of five starts for many different reasons. first of all i love the beats and second of all i appreciate how each track is unique from the last one yet still just as good ”

“by Mila V. ultimately this album was impressive and a solid addition to the world of rap. im hoping to see/ hear more like it in the future ”

“Track #12 "Party On" (1st single released) In the first week of it's radio campaign, "Party On" charted in the TOP 10 URBAN and TOP 100 POP for satellite, college, and internet tracking on the Mediaguide and Radiowave charts for Urban and Pop new artist the week ending 02/17/2011. Was on the TOP 25 ONLINE BREAKOUT CHART four weeks in a row going as high as #15 on the chart for the week of 03/04/2011. Nominated for an Indie-Music Top 25 Music Award. Was also featured on their Top Songs list as a New & Notable artist being played and promoted on Indie-Music.com's music page. "Party On" received over 3600 total plays and streams on it's campaign and continues to gain more exposure thru the promotion efforts of J. L. J himself and other marketing/promotional teams that he strategically does business with. The full debut album titled "Stay Focused" has been released online and available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, CD Baby, and all other leading online retailers. ”