J. "Lex" Luther / Press

““I've had the pleasure of working with Lex at a very intense, personal level. As a member of my band, Lex was an integral part of the overall sound as well as the overall personality that the band portrayed. He is a total professional and is my first call whenever I need a bassist for a project. I'd recommend Lex to anyone who wants their music to sound the best that it can sound. ”

“Lex is one of the best Bass Players I have meet. What an awesome sound he has smooth and always in the groove. You can catch Lex currently with Lefty Williams, if you get a chance to sit down and listen to him play do so you will not be dissapointed. After only seeing him perform a few times I can see an hear how much he enjoys playing and I wanted to say Kudos to him for all the great music he has given us and for all the great music to come”

"The Mike Delaney Project: What a great band. I Went with a friend to see the American Blues Festival in Loganville GA Sunday May 30th. What a great New Venue to go to see live music. Sound was fantastic! We had an awesome time! I Was completely blown away by the Mike Delaney Project! The band has an over all great sound. Very Crisp and Sharp all the way through, with Awesome Drum Grooves, Fantastic Guitars and by far one of the best Bass sounds that I have heard in a long long time, Great Job you all were awesome! It was a pleasure meeting you all and I look forward to catching more of your shows soon! If you want to catch a great sounding band you can not go wrong with this one. Again awesome job you all rock! Congratulations Mike Delaney Project You are Trent's Music Notes Musician Of the Month for June 2010"

“I've played with Lex, and know him as a friend. He is a great guy and an excellent bassist who makes anyone he plays with sound great. Frank French (owner, producer, writer, musician: Dragon Path Music BMI, Woodstock GA USA...www.frankfrench.com)”