Jinxd66 / Press

“Jack is a high-energy rock and roller and we are expecting an exciting performance!”

The Monte Carlo

“I like what I hear!”

“We've reviewed your music and were impressed. You are hereby invited to enter The Akademia Music Awards”

The Akademia Music Awards

"Great lyrics and great passion! His versatility is spot on."

"I am the Reason" is powerful and sends a strong message. "The Reaper" is the best one out of the eight entries in the talent contest.


Syndikick Records

“Hey! "Life of a Dreamer" is a Great song! you music , lyrics and Vocals rock!! Thanks, Kathy=LNL”

Loud and Proud Promotions

“JINXD66's music tells stories of love, anger, work, play, dreams...... basically, life!”

River Town Times

“JINXD66......one word, ORIGINAL! His music is guitar driven mayhem that will get your feet moving!”

The Freeman Times