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“September 2016, Vanessa Lavoie is Nominated for Best Country song in the IMEA Awards with her song "Butterfly Feeling" written by Jim Richardson Jr.”


“March 2016 Akademia Music Awards Winner: Best Song Artist: Vanessa Lavoie Song: Butterfly Feeling written by: Jim Richardson Jr. This sensational Ballad together with the powerful and Angelic vocals of Vanessa Lavoie make this song a hit for years to come.”

The Akademia Awards

“Hi Jim! It was quite an experience to listen to you, a pleasant surprise, and it made a deep impression on me. You are a man of genius, a super talented singer/songwriter, a great artist. I love your sound, your lyrics and all your songs, you're amazing, no doubt. All the best wishes and good luck from a Danish fan and musician, Keld Thank you Keld...Although I didn't sing these songs, I did write them and give them to the great artists I work with, and it does feel good to get a great compliment on my songs as this one. I thank you on behalf of the singers, and myself.....Jim”

“COUNTRY - June 2013 Akademia Music Awards Winner: Best Song Artist: James Richardson/ Alexis Pond Song: Butterfly Feeling 'Wonderful acoustic instrumentation and universal feel-good lyrics delivered by the talented James Richardson and Alexis Pond create a satisfying ballad.' NOMINEE Eileen Carey Out With The Girls NOMINEE Peter O'Sullivan I'll Go Back ”

“As the local contests begin to heat up all across America, you'll see more and more online traffic to the various profile pages belonging to the Country Music stars of tomorrow. This week, it's difficult not to notice Alexis Erin, as she was able to attract over 6,000 hits to her site within the last few weeks. As a result, she is our "Featured Performer of the Week!" Says Alexis, "It did not take my daddy long to realize he had a Country music phenom on his hands when I was just four years old. As he would spin the likes of Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn ,Crystal Gayle,and so many more, I would sing from my car seat and the vacum cleaner was my makeshift microphone." "Being raised a Southern Baptist in Florida, I naturally started my singing career in church. My pastor refered to me as the 'angel with the voice from heaven." "As i grew older my passion for music had me dabbling in all kinds of music: Rock, Pop, Gospel and, of course, Country... www.countryshowdown.com”

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“Ending the 2012 year with a "BANG" and starting off the New Year with "Great News" Jim Richardson Jr. is the COO of Music Charts Magazine. This is a great new magazine especially for Indie Artists. Please go to www.MusicChartsMagazine.com to subscribe and/or advertize your web site with us. We are going to be bigger than most magazines, and will compete with Billboard to bring you the very best of everything in the music industry.”

“Dear Jim Richardson Jr., HardTwistMusic (songwriter) has sent you a message: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Hi Jim: There is a lot to like on your site. I'm a songwriter... and the supreme unspoken compliment from one songwriter to another is to hear a song and think, "Man I wish I had written that." You got two of those on my first four listens. I also love that you just write your bio honestly instead of pretending that someone else is writing it. I concur that you are one of the best songwriters I have heard. I love that every song on your site is lyric-centric... the lyrics are important AND you can hear and understand them. I liked everything I heard... and loved some of it. ”

Verlon Gates - HardTwistMusic

“My "Freedom" video and song is now being featured on the American Veterans Radio show, and it is on the front page. It is also entered in the "Fall In Love With America Again" contest. Please vote for me.”