Jimmy the Bugman / Press

"The Stage" by Jimmy The Bugman is a well crafted rock single reminiscent of some early Pink Floyd material in terms of the cool background vocals, structure and overall feel. Jimmy is a great singer and songwriter. It seems to me, that on this track, he is a one man band.. (I might be wrong here). Either way - great effort Jimmy !

Dr. Octavo - droctavo,com

"Diggler &The Bugman's new album 'Can't You See' is an 18 track masterpiece. It will hold you from the first track 'It All Comes Down To Me' to their cover of Mark Knoflers 'Brothers In Arms' (track 18). The title track ('Can't You See' - track 4) is a bluesy rocking self penned tune that flows with a magical beat and rhythm. The lyric holds the listener with it's truth about life; We are all running out of time! Overall, this album is a very enjoyable and very well presented piece of musical genius. "

Tom Lambert - The Independent Music Show.com

“Fresh off what he (the Bugman) calls a creative cycle, the (Can't You See?) cd is filled with thoughtful lyrics and pulsing rhythms.”

Christine Conrad Shultz - Harrisburg Magazine