Jimmy Parker / Press

“PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 16, 2012 - Jimmy Parker and "Thought I'd Be Home By Now" has easily shown why he is king with a decisive hold on the most requested song on KHXI-FM. This multi-talented artist has shown that his passion for his music and the endearing story lines pull the listener in and tears at the heart. His brand of music can only be described as "pure and genuine country". Once again our listeners have shown that the Independent artists is a force to be recognized, as the likes of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and other national artists have fallen to the wayside and didn't even make it to the top 15 artists. This week was indeed a week of reckoning as Amy Rose and "Redneck Reunion" came in second. TJ Maddux and "Homegrown Country Girl" is third, Lynn Hooker's "Good ole' Boys" is fourth, Carl Grimes "Just a Plain Piece of Cloth" , Doug Briney is 6th, Angie Rosener is 7th, Mike Archer is 8th, Mike Lynn is 9th and a real surprise, John Conlee with "They Also Serve"”