Jimmy Demers / Press

"Jimmy Demers is a true angel. He brings light and love into the world. And when he sings...it is Heaven on earth"

Lisa Oz - Author, Producer, Co-Host of "The Dr. Oz Show"

"Its a mistake to attempt to define Jimmy. Words like singer, or a writer might come to mind, but the truth is he is more like a force of nature - a powerful expression of the love for life, barely contained inside a talented and passionate human body. If you are lucky you'll have a chance in this life to get to know him, and as they say, to know him is to love him."

Palo Hawken - Director of Innovation at Bossa Nova

“Jimmy Demers’ voice is a gift that the world needs to hear.  The quality and purity of his sound is matched only by the size of his heart.  Humility and incredible talent are seldom seen in the same package, but Jimmy is the exception. His human compassion is boundless.  ”

E. Lee Rice, DO - C.E.O. Lifewellness Institute

“Jimmy Demers doesn't work a room, he works a Universe”

Tara Guber - Author and co-creator of Yoga Ed.

“To hear Jimmy Demers sing live is a moment you will never forget. His CD, "Dream a Little Dream," takes me right back to the unbelievable performances I've heard from Jimmy over the years. No one sings with more passion than Jimmy Demers, no one.”

Brad Greiner - Team Darfur

“When I hear jimmy sing, the rest of the world disappears.. Never have I known a better friend or a more talented musician..”

Shelli Azoff - Joyful Heart Foundation

“Jimmy's voice is a rare gift. If you already like his recorded music- his live performances are NOT to be missed! Crazy moving and inspirational!!”

Julienne Dweck - Reverbnation fan

“From the first time I saw Jimmy sing live, and every time since, he has never failed to move me. The depth of his vocal talent combined with his innate ability to interpret a song, make him a uniquely gifted singer.”

Rob Light - Creative Artist Agency

“Has the voice of an angel.”

Aschna - reverbnation fan

“Jimmy's voice carries a power to soothe and lure all at once.  He is a one person reminder that music is the language of the spirit and the beauty of his comes through in every note. ”

Timmy Shriver - Chairman Special Olympics

“Jimmy Demers can bring tears to your eyes with a tenderness in his voice that is incomparable...”

Benny Mardones - Singer, songwriter

“Jimmy's voice has a way of conveying feeling so profoundly- really like no other voice I know.”

Carol Alt - Supermodel, actress

“If there is a sweeter more emotion packed voice anywhere, there are two Jimmy DeMers, and I don't believe that!”

Norman Lear - Television and film producer, philanthropist

“Jimmy's voice is a rare and powerful instrument.  But, he plays that   instrument with his heart and it is that combination that leaves you   moved and wanting more.”

Scott Z. Burns - Academy award winning producer/writer

“Jimmy has the greatest voice I have ever heard because it comes from his heart and soul. I could listen to him singing for ever and yet feel I am hearing him for the first time such is the power and beauty of his voice”

Elizabeth Emanuel - London fashion designer

“Jimmy Demers is one of those artists I feel really lucky to have stumbled upon. Sometimes songs are just good songs. And other times the singer makes the song. Jimmy is the latter. If you haven't heard him sing, I'd highly recommend checking out his music. Great album!”

Trescali... - reverbnation fan

“Jimmy Demers is a rare musical soul. His respect for lyrics and melody comes through in every performance. His voice is beautiful and smooth and ready to pounce on your emotions. Get ready to cry! I love Jimmy Demers...”

Walter Afanasieff - Grammy award-winning producer and songwriter

“Jimmy is a fabulous artist with amazing talent and a big heart and a most inspiring soul.”

Deepak Chopra - public speaker and best-selling author

“Jimmy Demers, with masterful care and diligence for each note, bares his soul in a profound way that makes his work unsurpassed.”

“you are amazing!!finally a fresh sound! when the baby is in the car crying,i turn you on and...aww, silence from the back seat!she loves you! keep making beautiful music!”

Leah and Peyton - reverbnation fans

“A wonderful musical experience.”

Marianne Williamson - New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker

“A soulful classic vocalist...Jimmy Demers is an amazing singer!”

Diane Warren - Award winning songwriter

“Jimmy Demers is single handedly the most gifted male vocalist of our generation...plain and simple.”

Paula Abdul - American Idol

“Singer and songwriter Jimmy Demers is a household name -- if your household happens to be in the music business. The Massachusetts native has sung on ad campaigns and was a backup singer for artists like Cher and Paula Abdul.”