Jimmy Dasher / Press

“San Antonio, Texas born and bred comes through in Dasher’s music. his scratchy, soulful voice delivers solid catchy material with a rural feel. His 2011 album “The Waiting Game” is a solid rock and roll record from a talented guitarist that’s heavily influenced by the American quilt of funk, blues, country and folk.”

“Overall, this is a pretty good first release for the young and very ambitious guitar player. Dasher is a melting pot of a variety of influences that you’ll hear on this record He could very well be the next John Mayer for all we know.”

“8/24/11 - National Jamband Radio Chart 15. My Morning Jacket Circuital 16. Ron Carter All Blues (CTI 40th Anniversary Edition) 17. Disco Biscuits Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens 18. Buxter Hoot’n _Buxter Hoot’n 19. Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues 20. TV On The Radio Nine Types of Light 21. Galactic The Other Side of Midnight: Live 22. Stephen Marley Revelation Pt. 1 23. Sean Healen Crown Of Coal 24. Jim Lauderdale Rhyme and Reason 25. Tame Impala Innerspeaker 26. Ana Popovic Uncondtional 27. Club d’Elf Electric Morrocoland/So Below 28. Jimmy Dasher The Waiting Game 29. David Ralston A Woman That Loves Me 30. Dub Is A Weapon Vaporised”

“ Although a modern recording, "The Waiting Game" feels like it belongs to a time long since passed possessed, as it is, of things long forgotten like virtuosity. However, if your ears are attuned to such things as organic ability then Jimmy Dasher should do it for you and do it nicely too.”

“Calling in almost all genres (folk, soul, blues, jazz, funk, country and indie-rock) Dasher takes these influences along with the strength of his songwriting and his debut album is born. He’s been kept busy in his other projects including an independent acoustic duo, Window, and as a member of Levi Smith’s band. The Waiting Game is indie-pop, but it includes moments of Americana and Southern Rock. The joyous part of this album is that the majority was written while living in isolation in a West Texas cotton field with only his dog and guitar as company. Brilliant! “Get Burned” and “Square One” feature catchy lines and guitar hums and haws. “You Say You See Me” and “Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down” clearly tracks Southern Rock and Americana influence. There’s mastery in Dasher’s guitar skills– a nice accompaniment to his powerful vocals. 4.5/6”

“Wat jezelf doet, doe je beter’ moet de uit San Antonio, Texas afkomstige singer-songwriter Jimmy Dasher gedacht hebben toen hij besloot om alle instrumenten zelf te bespelen voor de opname van zijn recente plaat “The Waiting Game”. Op drums na speelt hij alles zelf in op bas, gitaren, keyboards, lap steel, mondharmonica en zelfs glockenspiel. Een uitzondering wordt ook nog even gemaakt voor viool, waar J.P. Downey op twee nummers zijn ding mag komen doen. Voor zijn muziek grabbelt hij gretig elementen bij elkaar uit de indie rock, funk, soul, blues, jazz, folk en country. Daaruit distilleert hij op ambachtelijke wijze zijn eigen sound tot een soort indie pop met vleugjes Americana en Southern Rock. Zijn componeertalent blijkt groot te zijn, getuige daarvan enkele van de twaalf nummers die dit debuutalbum sieren. Wat opvalt aan deze songs is dat ze eigenlijk even radiovriendelijk zouden zijn geweest in de seventies als in deze 21e eeuw. Het instrumentale openingsnummer “6 In T”