Jim Minor Country & Western / Press

“JIM MINOR RECORD REVIEWS BILLBOARD MAGAZINE MAY 9th, 1960 ***Satan's Chauffeur-Mercury 71622-This is the story of the devil's Chauffeur, and Jimmy Minor sells it in mighty strong style over snappy backing by the group and combo. Minor has a style similar to Johnny Cash (Pure, BMI) (1:56) ***Death Row-A slow, dirge like tale of life behind the prison bars. Minor offers it in heartfelt,Cash like country oriented style. It's quite a telling tale, full of moral lessons. (Pure, BMI) (2.30) ***I'm a Fool For You-Jimmy Minor comes thru with a very Johnny Cash styled reading of a Johnny Cash styled tune. Could get spins, but flip is more potent. (Pure, BMI) (2:17) ***So Doggone Lonesome-Mercury 71623-Here's a tune written and once recorded by Johnny Cash. Minor has a quality similar to that of Cash in this rhythmic rendition. He handles the tune in good, listenable style. (Hi-Lo, BMI) (2:11)”