Jim Hanft / Press

“You think folk rock died when Bob Dylan passed his prime? Folk rock is still alive, take Jim Hanft for example, he is the real deal.”

“...an honest music package that mixes a little country, some of what we remember with The Band and sometimes even a little Beatles...I enjoy it and remember the 60's.”


“To play American folk rock is not that difficult, but doing it so the listener is caught in the music and really listen is a talent. This talent has Hanft.”


“Many similar artists go in one ear and out the other, while Jim Hanft stays both long and well.”


“What Hanft and Mårtén accomplished is a small miracle in it's simplicity.”


“In his Swedish costume Jim Hanft is American folk rock when it at its best.”


“Jim's music and his presence are fun, stimulating and engaging. Although the subject matter strays nowhere near comedy, a sense of humor and lightness invisibly assert themselves in Hanft's songs.”