Jim Halfpenny / Press

“Halfpenny has managed to build a bridge between generations and has produced a piece of work that will take you back to your roots, no matter what they may be.”

"This album made such an impression we thought you all ought to know about it...The word pictures Jim paints all make a big impact. Yeah - highly recommended."

"Halfpenny writes deep, thought provoking lyrics...one of the better singer/songwriter albums that have come my way."

Maria Mesa - Austin Daze Magazine

"First things first, LISTEN to this CD! Jim Halfpenny writes from the heart about things we all love and fear and then puts them to a beat you can cruise to."

Bryan Beck - Morning Host - KGSR Radio - Austin, TX

“First Things First is filled with sturdy roots rock and occasional treks to Dave Matthews' space jazz.”

Jim Caligiuri - The Austin Chronicle

“Jim's music is like a nice warm towel. You just want to wrap yourself all up in it.”

Stuart Sullivan - Emmy-winning, multi-platinum engineer/producer - Wire Recording Studios