Jim Byrne / Press

“...five tracks in, then the album picks up pace considerably and excels. 'When You Bit Into That Apple', a gorgeous, darkly Gothic part-croon, part narration is a tale of near-tangible heartbreak, followed by the swing of 'Sweeter Than A Rose', where Byrne's gentle melancholy croak is underpinned by almost imperceptible instrumentation.”

David Innes - R2 Rock 'N' Reel

“I'm absolutely loving this, Jim - (Sweeter than a Rose is a) great song!"”

Duncan McCrone

"I can't get them out of my head. I think the whole CD is terrific - such a range of vocal and instrumental talent."

Moira Laws

“I can thoroughly recommend this fabulous album - it's real chill-out music that gets right under your skin! Love it!! "”

Jane Fairnie

“Congradulations on the new CD Jim!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing! "”

Helen St Helen

"Just listened to the new album, sounds fantastic. Deffo your best"

Robert Ruthven of the Creeping Charlies

“Your cd is brilliant! sounds really great your voice is amazing ! People will love this album:)”

Steven Leonard

“And after just 2 plays, a highly recommended album it is too."”

"A huge thank you to Mr Jim Byrne, recieved the album yesterday....Its superb beyond words!!!!!!!"

Alan Grant

“Sounding like Johnny Cash never left Folsom prison...meditations on life that'll soon sound like old friends.”

“Every Day is Sunshine album, "ten beautiful, atmospheric songs.."”

Folk, Blues and beyond

"Great record... a complete, compelling listen. "

Adam Levy (Songwriter/artist, guitarist with Nora Jones)

"A beautifully produced collection of Americana" Four Stars for Every Day is Sunshine

“Every Day is Sunshine, Album of the week on Celtic Music Radio”

"..full of cinematic turns of phrase, dressed up in alluring melodies delivered by some of the most respected players on the modern-day Celtic Folk scene."

"a heady and exotic mix. "

“Jim Byrne brought his charm, story telling and playing to London Ontario in the summer of 2011. He left a great impression and we are happy to note that Glasgow roots music is universally accepted and more importantly- a lot of fun!”

Brian Mortimer - Karma Productions, London Ontario, Canada

"Jim Byrne plays guitar beautifully and brings his own melodic Glaswegian slant to the blues. Like many great musicians he makes complex and clever compositions seem effortless."

Niall Connolly - The Red Lion, New York

“On These Dark Nights is a beautiful album; ideal listening for those cold winter evenings.”

“There's many a singer songwriter in Glasgow and Jim Byrne is one of the classiest.”

"Jim Byrne took the next spot. Instantly relaxed and elevated the mood with a few words and his fingerstyle playing. Jim's songs seems to be hewn from the everyday and he mixes a lyrical turn of phrase with good song structure. "

"..a polished, urbane performer."

The bluesbunny - The bluesbunny review

"...his accomplished guitar work, well crafted songs and sensitive singing were very well received."

Pedie MacNeill - Pedie MacNeill, Colonsay Folk Festival Organiser

"Special mention should go to Jim Byrne and his laconic folk blues.."

"'Jim Byrne's unique and personal set at the Open Mike session at The Place Music Club Milngavie, was perfectly suited to the intimate, cabaret atmosphere in this popular club. His engaging lyrics and slick guitar puts Jim firmly on the performance circuit in Scotland. Worth looking out for."

Erne Parkin, The Place Folk Club, Milngavie. - Erne Parkin, The Place Folk Club, Milngavie.

"Excellent! Jim is breath of fresh air amongst Glasgow's acoustic scene"

Dochan MacMillan, Free Candy Sessions Music Promotor - Dochan MacMillan, Free Candy Sessions Music Promotor

"We were delighted to have Jim Byrne in our Festival Showcase. His highly innovative compositions were well received by our Festival-goers and we would certainly welcome him back"

Murdie Kennedy, Linlithgow Folk Festival - Murdie Kennedy, Linlithgow Folk Festival

"..your lyrics are thought provoking and your guitar progressions are envied by me. Holiday song just a great song...love the guitar in that one. love the cd, keep the songs coming."

Millie McTernan - Millie McTernan

"I have been listening to Jim's new album over the weekend and I think it is fantastic."

Dougie Wilkinson Clannan An Drumma - Dougie Wilkinson Clannan An Drumma

"Jim's ballads are a blend of the familiar and the romantic. Tunes from the heart which you catch yourself singing (in my case in the shower only)"

Issi Wilson - Issi Wilson

"Said it before, say it again, the songs and geetaring are great"

Gill Maxwell Director of Scottish Music Centre - Gill Maxwell Director of Scottish Music Centre

"The gig last night was wonderful. We are listening to the CD this morning over breakfast. Fab voice. Love the words."

Basia Palka - Basia Palka

"Your CD has been played a lot in our house: it's fantastic! One of my favourite albums this year! I like it very much: fine guitar playing, a sympathetic voice and good tunes. it makes us feel good, my wife and I."

Jan Byker - Jan Byker

“...been enjoying his guitar pickin', especially on the track Weather Girl, which has a sparkly old-timey feel...but the best track (I'm a sucker for the catchy ones) is Sunday Morning,which has a strong riff and a singalong chorus, and a dark little twist to the lyrics.”