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“Jill’s Cashbox provides a sound unlike anything heard in country music today. Southern truths run deep through their lyrics. Their live performances will leave you yearning for more. After listening to their debut album, it will make you want to grab the one you love and have a “Moonshine Monday Night.” There is one word that describes this band more than any other…passionate. And it’s that “passion” that country music listeners are craving…Jill’s Cashbox provides that tenfold.”

Sara Michaels - 97 Country WPCV - Country Radio Personality - Quote

“Jill's Cashbox is an absolute fantastic live ensemble, although their shows rival the raw work of their album. Returning to what the root of country music is..."story tellin' and painting a picture about life" as they say. Down South, good lovin country music that's good for the soul! Today & Tonight Magazine loves Jill's Cashbox!”

Adrienne Plati - Today & Tonight Magazine