Jillian Riscoe / Press

"Unafraid of wearing her heart on her sleeve and going for those big dramatic moments in a way that we haven’t seen since BELLA DONNA-era STEVIE NICKS."

"You can come across immense talent by accident . . . her name? Jillian Riscoe." - Bruce Von Stiers, BVSreviews.com

Bruce Von Stiers - BVSreviews.com

"Jillian Riscoe was not even a twinkle in her dad's eye when The Beatles sang, 'she was just 17 . . .' But if they were doing that song today, it might be about her because she really is 'way beyond compare,' as The Beatles sang many, many years ago." - Paul Herdtner, FOX 4 TV

Paul Herdtner - FOX 4 Morning Show