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Jillian Ann of RITUAL / Press

“Sultry and sophisticated, the primal rawness of Jillian Ann's vocals have been popping up on our radar more and more frequently. The LA-based DJ and vocalist is in high demand by producers searching for a passionate power that most singers just don't possess. Jillian Ann has gotten the royal treatment by a handful of artists on her latest, "Passes Away," which drops April 8th on Simplify Recordings. Among remixes from Knight RiderZ, Stiletto, and Blunt Instrument, The Untz today premieres a monumental reworking by our old buddy Rain. Phutureprimitive is obviously going to make a sensual bass anthem that much bigger--because that's just what he does. Synths shimmer and dance across the surface of Jillian's liquid cool vox. But then the drop shatters the ice and waves of bass crash upon the shore. In its wake, delicate tablas ripple out from the powerful climax that absolutely exudes sex.”

“Jillian Ann has spent the last few years crafting a cinematic sound that relies heavily on neoclassical elements. Whether she’s producing daunting tunes, dropping dance floor anthems on crowds, or lending her vocals to artists like John B and MSD, it’s clear she’s a force to be reckoned with.”

“With a title like “Quiet Riot,” there’s room for confusion. Is the artist referring to a normally boisterous uproar that in this case is completely silent, or simply paying tribute to the ubiquitous metal band of the same name. Regardless, we like what MSD & Jillian Ann crafted with their momentous anthem. First up was the original, then the Pegboard Nerd’s version, and now our eardrums have been titillated with an entirely fresh take by Keeno, and it’s bigger than big. The Winchester-based producer flips “Quiet Riot” completely upside down, retaining Jillian Ann’s haunting vocals while pumping the tune full of fervor-inducing instrumentations. A breathtaking blend between drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep serves as the track’s cornerstone, shifting tempos throughout with the grace and ease of a trapeze walker. Keeno’s remix of “Quiet Riot” is absolutely volcanic, further cementing his unstoppable ascension in the world of bass music. Remove your eyes from the s”

“His debut EP No Forgo is a tour de force of catchy hooks and brilliant production. Bringing on vocalists VDA and Simplify Recordings' grand dame Jillian Ann, MSD crafts the perfect pop song with a heavy edge. There's no doubting massive UK stars like Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavilion have been supporting his tracks. Jillian's sultry voice echoes over forlorn, bass-ridden, apocalyptic landscapes of dissonance and dreariness in "Quiet Riot," before soaring over pulsing synths and triumphant drum lines.”

" Quiet Riot Taken from the 5 track 'No Forgo' EP by MSD. A 22-year-old self-taught composer. He started producing music at the age of 16. Working as a sound designer he made sound synthesis his playing field. MSD creates a powerful Dubstep sound combining orchestral, crunk and retro 90's influences. This time he teams up with Jillian Ann, for obvious reasons. Her vocals fitting so well with this crisp, clean, bass heavy Dubstep production he brings. Totally awesome track, no doubt. Don't sleep on this release." Dubstep.net

“ "Jillian Ann is a lover of music like I’ve never seen before. She gets great joy from discovering and introducing others to new artists. She’s unique in every sense of the world and will let no one dictate what kind of music she should make or who she should be. She took the interview questions I sent her and wrote some of the most through and thought-provoking answers I’ve ever read. It’s been a joy communicating with her. Read her interview below and please be sure to read each and every word."”

“With a heart made up entirely of imaginative art, Jillian Ann is the type of girl who is consumed by her work in all the right ways. This multimedia songstress makes her living as a muse for everyone she comes in Jillian Ann Date of Interview: 5/28/11 contact with. Born in Georgia and having spent time on both the east and west coast, Jillian now makes her home in LA, where she is a contributing member of the rising music scene. Singer, DJ, model, poet, environmentalist, and more, the future for this penta-threat pianist is as beautiful as she is herself. When we run into each other backstage at the music and art festival, Lightning in a Bottle, she is kind enough to sit down to share a few words with me.”

“Jillian embodies everything I so often advocate and preach about the music industry. She pours her heart and soul into every piece of music she creates and despite her incredible talent she makes it her quest to share her art and collaborate with as many other talented musicians as possible. When offered a chance by Simplify Recordings to release the “Know Us” remix album, Jillian was absolutely ecstatic. Not only was the album a massive success, topping multiple SoundCloud, Beatport, and Addictech charts, it gave Jillian the opportunity to see all the various ways that her soul could manifest itself through her musi”

“Musician, model, artist, singer, and muse Jillian Ann and Love & Light have produced a new track called Know Us, an emotionally heavy, slightly Evanescence-goes-EDM piece of music that will most definitely stick out in your mind after you hear it. This song demonstrates how EDM is ever-expanding and how genres are being mashed up all over the place these days to create great new music. As expected, the original was also remixed extensively, with a few in particular being quite noteworthy. There are two definite "don't miss it" versions on here, Nit Grits version takes the track in a bit of a different direction, giving it an entrancingly dark'n'groovy dubsteppy feel. The next essential remix is by Shock-N, an unfamiliar name that will not remain unfamiliar much longer as we all run to discover more of this artist's work. Essentially Know Us gets an almost Skrillex-meets-Skream makeover that is quite the jaw-dropper.”

"Jillian Ann writes all her own lyrics, and funds all her own music “by playing a doll to people with cameras, but its given me the freedom to evolve as a artist.” -Jillian Ann Her most recent and highly publicized release is her collaborative track with Love and Light,”Know Us“, and the variety of high profile remixes she has to accompany it. Her voice is beautiful in and of itself, but when coupled with the talented beat-making abilities of a line-up bursting to the seams with stars, the only possible outcome is pure audio bliss; it’s only January and already we are seeing music to rival anything that came out in 2010! Head over to Additech and give a listen to the remixes by An-Ten-Nae,David Starfire,Knight Riderz,Nit Grit,Samples, Shock-N, Splatinum,Stylust Beats,Sugarpill.Each participating artist takes the magic of Jillian Ann’s voice and transforms it into their own glitch-inspired fantasy. My personal favorites are the Nit Grit,Ben Samples,Knight Riderz remixes!"

“Playing an improvisational chillout set inside the ‘dome was Auditory Canvas, lead by hotter-than-sin singer Jillian Ann. Her improvised free verse and sexy singing stylings were very well done. The ambience was very relaxed as this group flexed their creativity muscles to the auditory pleasure of a room full of Burners smoking hookah and lounging about. Although they didn’t get a chance to play all of their original material using the set-up they available, the set they executed was still very inspirational.”

“Jillian Ann has gained international acclaim as one of the Internet age's most successful indie musicians. Her last album release generated more then 50 million search requests on the P2P networks, and her 2007 album release promises to establish her as one of the 21st Century's most Innovative acts”

Bravo Entertainment - various

“Know us is a beautifully haunting composition by Jillian Ann and Love & Light. Simplify Recordings went balls to the wall, hitting up some of the major producers in the bass scene. Head over to Additech and give a listen to takes by An-Ten-Nae, David Starfire, Knight Riderz, Nit Grit, Samples, Shock-N, Splatinum, Stylust Beats, and Sugarpill. Each artist takes this track and makes it their own. A worthy listen. Jillian Ann and Love & Light – Know Us @ Additech”

“Jillian Ann and Love & Light - Know Us +REMIXES (RELEASED JANUARY 7TH) by Simplify Recordings In this epic release we match up the multi-talented singer and model Jillian Ann with the hottest newcomers on the West Coast, Love & Light. In their original composition, Ann’s haunting vocal pairs with Love & Light’s brand of playa-fied schlump-funk in what is sure to be one of 2011’s biggest glitch hop / dubstep releases. Throw in remixes from a who’s who of the best of the West and beyond, including An-ten-nae, NiT GriT, David Starfire, Splatinum, Knight Riderz, Stylust Beats, Shock-N, and Sugarpill, and you have this monster of an EP, Know Us.”

“Know Us (NiT GriT Remix) -Jillian Ann & Love & Light NiT GriT does it again with a nasty remix of Know Us by Love & Light. The slow wobbly bass in the background fits perfectly with the vocals. Be on the lookout for more NiT GriT in the future he’s doing big things! Also check out his soundcloud page for more tracks.”

“Know Us (NiT GriT Remix) –Jillian Ann + Love & Light ft Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) NiT GriT does it again with a nasty remix of Know Us by Jillian Ann + Love & Light. The slow wobbly bass in the background fits perfectly with the vocals. Be on the lookout for more NiT GriT in the future – he’s doing big things!”

"From start to finish, Neverland is an impressive debut that manages to keep a consistent tone while simultaneously triggering a number of different emotions."

Daniel Slaten - Outburn

“Jillian Ann +Love & Light-Know Us(Dubstep Remix by NiTGriT) Looks like I was snoozin’ three months ago when NiT GriT released this freakishly filthy dubstep remix of “Know Us”. I love the original, love the remix and especially love it when a dubstep song or remix is faster than the standard 140 bpm. My fingers are burning just typing this description…..it’s that hot! Hear the original beat here. Listen to more NiT GriT on iTunes.”

“Jillian Ann is very open-minded She’s able to touch sensitive fields and than dive into mysterious and enigmatic parts . She’s definitely one more female artist that tries to compete with the merciless macho world But she would be not the first to get the challenge”

Side Line Magazine

“This recording is chilling and dark as well as sensual and beautiful. Jillian's voice is perfection for this style. You don't miss the music when she goes acappella. I have a feeling that I am going to be exploring this album for a long time. Very highly suggested for your listening pleasure”

NeoZine.com - NeoZine.com

“Jillian Ann's music is ethereal yet strong. Her voice is appealing and smooth.”

Anna Maria Stjärnel - Collected Sounds, A Guide to Women in Music

"Slow-motion, drugged dreampop from the dark side of the world, with hidden razors in its gloves."

DiePunyHumans - DiePunyHumans

“Jillian is incredible, like a colorful songbird, sitting on a rickety branch, in the middle of all the seasons at once. Frankenstein meets Bjork. A psychotic Tori Amos.”

David Paul Wyatt Perko - MediaPlus Magazine