Jigsaw Mud / Press

“As I watch this band set up, I realized it only took them 11 mins and on with the show. I have to tell you this, this band is blues pros, when Liz began to sing well she uses body language in song. I have never seen any one do this. Oh yeah a little but this lady puts her whole heart and soul into each song. Was I wowed? You bet! I loved watching the musicians play not only was it perfect but a style only a blues band could possibly do. I am not real sure how to describe it. But I am gonna try. I kept thinking how do they change cords so fast and sound so good in sync? It was so groovy the way they kept eye contact with the crowd. I don't think they ever took their eyes off the crowd, I mean they look right you as they play the whole time each musician in this band did this. It was great how they did this. After they left the stage, they went into the crowd and shook hands and mingled with them. It was just one of those shows your thrilled you didn't miss.”