jigsaw johnny / Press

“When the group Jugdish decided to disband earlier this year after a solid 15-year run, its core members weren’t sure what their next musical project would be. Would they ever play together again? Would they ever entertain people in clubs again, as they had done so capably for a good portion of their lives? And, if so, what type of band would they form? Seven months later, they have their answers. The band is Jigsaw Johnny. And some of the music is unlike anything they’ve ever played before. “When Jugdish finished off, we decided the three of us would stick together,” says guitarist Joe Wegleski, referring to himself and Jugdish bassist Lenny Mecca and drummer Gary Samony. “But we weren’t sure what we were going to do, and we didn’t want to rush into anything. We didn’t want to just grab a new singer, keep the same name and do the same thing. We wanted to take a break and do something different.””