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“this album (A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, A Light) is a nice slice of Americana, one that is worth a listen.”

Brett Stewart - Former Editor in chief, Strike Magazine

“Jiggley Jones: “A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light” will completely entrance you! Jiggley Jones breathes, writes and performs melody.”

“Opening with ‘Walk On Me, Jiggley Jones’ tone is rich and packed full of an authentic country rock vibe. Jiggley Jones’ A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light is an engaging collection of original songs, with some neat vocal and instrumental touches to be found along the way.”

“Jiggley shines through as a song-writer, creating uplifting, inspirational and positive tracks that make you want to listen to the EP on repeat”

“I found the songs deep, meaningful and full of emotion, with well thought out lyrical content and highlighted by Jiggley’s strong vocals. The production and instrumentation are top notch and the songs have recognizable hooks that leave impressions on the listener.”

“The album gives us a very professionally framed serving of the years of experience that Jiggley brings to the songwriting table...And once it's done, you kinda just want to hear some more Jiggley songs...thoughtful and very well played.”

“'Walk On Me' is a gently percolating melodic tour de force that showcases the tender side of his persona alongside a bold vocal performance that is both heartbreaking and reassuring. With beautiful instrumentation that almost conjures weeping... It’s a universal message that so many of us have struggled through, delivered here with a true voice of experience. Hitworthy and potent, this is a “Walk” worth hearing.”

Chuck Taylor - Former Sr. Editor, Billboard Magazine

“Jiggley Jones’, new EP, “…a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light …”, is a standout alternative country album filled with beautiful melodies and harmonies, strong lyrics, and skillful arrangements.”

“While this release only has six tracks, the amount of care that Jones has taken in the commission of each individual track is enough to make the release showcase considerable depth. 9/10”

James McQuiston - Neufutur Magazine

“Whether you consider his music Americana, acoustic or alt-country, Jiggley Jones has something to say. On his latest album, titled A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light, he goes for the emotional, raw gut-punch on each of the meager six tracks. Lead by his current single "Walk On Me" (also the haunting opening track), the album strikes a chord between truly organic stories and memorable hooks. It's hard to find that balance, but Jones has more than managed to deliver.”

“His music will appeal to fans of folk music, and country music... the lyrics are meant to make you think a little.”

“The award-winning Jones writes not only a well-crafted song, but the use of guitar and piano to drive the melody paired with a sweet guitar solo and a strongly composed lyric make for music worth listening to again and again. It’s not common for me to restart a song immediately after it’s finished unless there’s something there I really want to dive into again. That was the case with this one ("Walk On Me")”

“A real poet...music that will completely stop you in your tracks.”

"Hauntingly Beautiful"

Roger Conley - Country Round Up

“Perfectly written and produced!”

“Things are now moving fast for Jones and he recently released a new album entitled "a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light." The 6 song EP has a huge sound that fills the speakers...The vocals seem to caress the listener and grab your attention immediately. Go see what real songwriting is at http://www.jiggleyjones.com”

“Indeed, Jones may be a “man on the run” in terms of his career but his songs have a significant subtle strength without pushing or rushing.”

“A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light” is a rock solid release that upholds the classic Americana-folk and jam band standard as the title suggests. I eagerly want to hear more music from Jones real soon.”

“...A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light...' is in a league of its own, combining the best modern acoustic folk has to offer. The musicianship is off the charts, the songs are well crafted and the catalogue is a fully loaded 6 track set. Jiggley Jones delivers in spades.”

“'...A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light...' is guilty of doing everything it’s supposed to do: It’s as unique as the title implies. It’s well-suited for audiences that enjoy all the typical conventions of Folk-Pop-Americana and more. I feel there’s a disgruntled audience out there just waiting for (Jiggley) to arrive with open arms.”

“I have been dying to listen to a CD like “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light” by Jiggley Jones for quite some time now. It’s subliminal, it’s epic, it’s a grand concept that’s sure to get your attention – yet it’s very simple and magical.”

“I must admit I yawned expecting the typical Jack Johnson John Mayer music conventions – only to be blown away with what I heard! .A guy like Jones wins you over without even trying. The music itself is uplifting, thought provoking, interesting and overly eccentric (in a good way.) The amazing lyrical content never feels like an afterthought. What’s more, the vocal work and impeccable songwriting that really brings it all together.”

“Jones can play, write and sing like nobody’s business. His voice has an amazing unique, warm and likeability factor to it. Bravo to Jones for being himself, going against the pop grain and releasing powerful music...in lieu of the amazing string of songs Jones has delivered on “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light (EP)” coupled with its amazing message, it almost feels as if he’s on to something, well special.”

“All in all the whole EP (A Mountain, A Struggle..) is brilliantly delivered with a powerful Indie-Rock, guitar driven texture with songs that at times can keep you melodically entertained. If you want that emanating from your speakers that shines like a priceless diamond I highly recommend the music of Jiggley Jones.”

“Expect 6 vintage Americana-Folk pieces that champion high quality folk and topics canvassed against a up close and personal backdrop. Some songs have an almost earthy sound to them while others deliver impressive songwriting touch.”

“This man believes and feels every stroke, every note, every song he played. I kept waiting for a blemish or disappointing song to emerge – which never happened through to the end. Jiggley Jones is for real.”

“Jiggley Jones has a very seductive voice with relaxing piano and guitars. "A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light" is an excellent addition to the Indie scene. Jiggley Jones is an excellent artist and it shows in his musicianship and lyrics.”

““The songs themselves are addictive, and interesting, complete with passionate and powerful subject matter and lyrical content. Equally as impressive is the vocal presence of Jones as he takes many vocal risks throughout the CD indicating to me a strong, confident vocal ability. Last but not least Jiggley Jones (has) an amazing voice and is an extremely capable songwriter.””

“His vocals are strong enough to take you on a journey, but the music supporting him has a relaxed, laid back feel. The stark, folk-like delivery of "Early Morning Light" and the strength in "Modern Day" shows Jones' diversity in his songwriting.”

"Walk On Me" has a haunting vibe that is reminiscent of a quintessential vocal by newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Peter Gabriel meets Dan Tyminski (from Alison Krauss and Union Station). (Jiggley's) vocals are sultry and crisp. "Walk On Me" garners an A rating.

“Jiggley Jones is sensational. This is one of the most sophisticated musicians we have both seen and heard come through our pipelines. This artist's limitless talent, marketability and innovation has earned him a solid spot on our #360WatchList.”

“Jiggley Jones is jamming. Superb instrumentation, lyrics and production. Narrative yet smooth melodies will lure you in but innovation will keep you listening.”

Vaughn Lowery - 360 Magazine

“I love country music. Not the crap that is on the radio, but the stuff that comes from the heart. Country music is about the lyrics and about how I can relate to the stories being told. That is what this guy does… He writes great lyrics and tells a story in every song he sings. I was first introduced to him earlier this year, and have watching him have quite the successful 2013.”

“His music is timeless and he is a brilliant storyteller.”

“You definitely won’t find another artist out there like Jiggley Jones. He’s quite the character and that’s probably why people love him. "Ain't That Alright" in particular is really good. Pretty cool song from one of the unique voices on the edges of country music.”

“If you're looking for good melodic alternative country rock that touches the soul, i would recommend picking up this album. His music is top notch! Sit back and listen and find yourself in a place of comfort, clarity and deep thinking.”

“This debut leaves you wanting for more from this musician”

“Jiggley Jones is a storyteller. A hybrid of indie, folk, blues and country. Good production, lyrical content and instrumentation. Light vocals sprinked throughout. An ambient sound that's great for camping or a peaceful day on the beach. This artist's unique sound and his ability to be a griot has landed him a spot on our 360 Watch List. Can't wait to see which direction this artist goes in next?!!”

“The best part to Jones’ music is his picturesque storytelling that pours throughout his beautiful lyrics”

““The one thing that really stood out to me about these tracks is the fact that Jones’ vocals kind of had a Tom Petty-like texture to them…From hearing No Spring Chicken, I can tell that Jones has talent and experience in the music business.””

“Jones presents a nice piece of musical art in this EP. I expect to see his name in the music news more often.”

““With his, ‘No Spring Chicken’ EP Jiggley Jones offers up just enough music to wet your appetite and leave you wanting more of its musical morsels of goodness.””

CW Ross - CW's Place

“Jones’ musical portraits are certainly worth taking a look at”

“Here’s an album that even though the genre section says Americana and Country, there’s a lot of rock’n’roll vibe in it that will blow your mind in a pretty passive and subtle way...beautiful and inspiring.”

“The record, starting with the overwhelming strength of “Baby Blue”, a deep celebration of a new born life, to “Welcome Home” with it’s ability to remind you how comforting the idea of home can be, to track three, a fun hillbilly party called “Ain’t That Alright”, “No Spring Chicken” covers enough variety (the spice of life) to remind you of bands like The Beatles.”

“Seasoned singer-songwriter and guitarist Jiggley Jones recently released his very first solo project No Spring Chicken. This four-song EP is a short but sweet sampling of his brand of alt-country tinged, acoustic Americana. The variety displayed in his songwriting explains how he has been able to entertain audiences at such diverse venues as New York’s CBGB’s, Philadelphia’s Chestnut Cabaret and The Woodbine Inn in New Jersey.”

Will Phoenix - Examiner.com

“I love the versatility in these songs, there's definitely something for everyone!!”

Dixie McCorkell - Triplestrand Promotions

“Grounded, a blended and unique style of his own, and extremely kind in nature. Accomplished in his own right, goal orientated and truly just a wonderful man in my eyes. I will be watching to see how well he progresses.”

Cindy Mich - Cin's Chat Corner

“Honesty and heartfelt, almost raw, emotion in the lyrics on his tracks.”

Country Music News Blog

“A Coatesville country-music crooner will debut his new music video Monday night. The video, shot over several weeks in Chester and Lancaster Counties, was directed by Jiggley Jones and Robert Buzzard Jr...”

Kathleen Shea - Coatesville Times

“A little James Taylor and a little Jackson Browne...kick back and listen to this and let it kind of take over your mood.”

Dayne Shuda - Country Music Life