Jett's Creek / Press

“This project was “radioactive hot”.“A FIRST CLASS PROJECT ALL AROUND. Guilty of producing a superb project! I was totally mesmerized while listening to the CD"”

Al Shusterman - KCBL BackRoads Bluegrass

“They are a tight band instrumentally and deliver the vocals with a smoothness I find extremely refreshing. A number of special guests that they brought into the studio make this CD even more special. JETT'S CREEK has put together a top-notch Bluegrass release and has absolutely nothing to feel "GUILTY" about! ”

Cindy Baucom - Knee-Deep In Bluegrass

“A wonderful collection of new songs and a couple of covers, with excellent vocal renditions and fine instrumentation, both secular and Gospel.”

Hank Janney - WGTY

““Jett’s Creek covered all the bases in their performances at the High Mountain Hay Fever Festival. Their songs were unique and presented with energy and creativity. Their vocals and musicianship were always the very best and sometimes bordered on the dazzling.””

Ron Thomason - High Mountain Hayfever

"Jett's Creek is a truly wonderful experience in acoustic music. I heard their music on compact disc and immediately called to schedule them on our nationally syndicated television series, "Song of the Mountains"! I'm glad I did. Our audience loved their performance. Their future is bright!"

Tim White - Song Of The Mountains

“Jett’s Creek gives it the full touch with stirring vocal harmonies and carefully blended instrumentation. A magnificent debut and this will be a band to watch. ”

Brenda Hough, - California Bluegrass Breakdown

“There is a raw freshness, an exuberant enthusiasm, and a noticeable uniqueness that is both excellently presented and deeply respectful of its roots that will not escape the “practiced” ear of folks who love Bluegrass Music.”

Ron Thomason - Ron Thomason

““Wow! Super vocals by Angie and great song selection. Can't get enough of ‘Highway 40 Blues,’ ‘Liked "A Song for Life’ and ‘You Don't Know My Mind.””

Phil Hodgen - Music From the True Vine

“Supposed to Be,” the group’s first CD, just might prove to be a good ticket for the band to ride — and ride far.”

“Wow! I was not prepared for the sparkling new voice of Angie Young. This girl can sing!”

Gary Robertson - Bluegrass Virginia