Jett Black DC / Press

“Jett Black delivers a self-directed clip for the June G produced “Wu Dolo.” Check out the joint below. “You’re gonna need a whole army to handle this ish!”

“Virginia emcee Sketch McGuiney and DC Go-Go veteran "Jett Black" have one thing on their minds on this DJ J-Scrilla house party starter: Buttocks, Booty, Backside, Bubbles. Take a glimpse into a weekend with these DMV party animals on this new single titled “The Middle”. “The Middle” is off his upcoming EP titled “The Walkman” that dropped Friday June 17.”

“Congratulations Jett Black on your new responsibility as a Wulord, we know it has to be a great honor to be chosen as a WuLords member. We at Shayvon Studios know you will make us proud and represent the Flag well.”

" This "911 Project" is 91 artists on 1 track. Jett came to mind because he has a very good reputation and always have inspirational messages. Plus, this project is featuring all local DC artist that have been on the music scene for a while now. This will give Jett Black free promotion and the opportunity to be heard worldwide through musicthatpays.com."

“Hustle Nation /Shayvon Studios Artist "Jett Black DC" scheduled to host new www.shakesspeardark.com online live stream show..Which will have guest features from some of the hottest entertainers,model, and more! This stream will also be global for our viewers and some locations will also be global! STAY TUNED!”

“Jett Black will be receiving the Southern Region Next Up Award on Fri. Nov. 16th at The Giles Hotel in NYC. also Awards will be given To:Easy Mo Bee, Lazy Laze Elliott, MC Stick-e aka Rock Logic, D.R. PERIOD, Fes Taylor, Dan Da Man and others.”