The Jess Novak Band / Press

"It is hot here in New England and getting hotter. I love it though as long as the music keeps playing. Today we have an awesome musician from Syracuse, NY by the name Jess Novak. Jess relased her debut album in 2013 and has never looked back...I am so excited to have Jess Novak on today as her single “Rat a Tat (Remix)” does not leave my head. I had to have her on to talk about summer and music in Syracuse, “Rat a Tat (Remix)”, if Trump wins, and so much more!"

"Jess Novak impressed the audience with her multi-instrumental ability combined with her smooth and honest voice. The first song of the night, “I’d Rather Be With You“, quickly displayed her wide range of talents. She began by strumming some guitar chords which she saved into her loop guitar pedal. Throughout the rest of the song these chords played. Atop this she played another guitar part and sang, until partway through when she put down the guitar and played a fiddle solo. It resulted in a sound so full (and with enough different instruments) to have been a band. The rest of Jess’ set was equally impressive, featuring piano ballads alongside the acoustic songs."

“The Jess Novak Band create a funky soulful sound on Rat a Tat (Remix). Full of energy the song explodes into beautiful color. Playful to its very core everything simply works from the smooth vocals to the infectious bass line. How the song evolves ever so gracefully is particularly fine, throwing together elements from so many genres from classic rock to rap, all of it handled with the greatest of ease. Lyrics are fine and delivered with true passion.”

“Overall, “Inches from the Sun” will appeal to a lot of different people who enjoy a wide number of genres. The music is well crafted, the song writing is vulnerable and the vocals are outstanding. Fans of Elle King or Colbie Cailat will automatically fall in love The Jess Novak Band, but listeners of jazz, blues, country, funk, or soul should definitely give the band a listen … even if it does mean shedding a tear or two.”

“There aren’t too many local musicians who could post a photo overlooking thousands of people from the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater accompanied by those words. Jess Novak might be the only one.”

“So many musicians and bands are often labeled as eclectic, but Novak...truly fits that billing, melding blues, rock and roll, pop and rhythm and blues with hints of improvisation to form something that you need to experience to understand.”

“There are those rare moments in music when the dynamics of sight and sound converge into a near-perfect storm. Then it rains down talent and a connection of musical and personal chemistry create something that is irresistible. Such is the case….Their music is a blissful shot of Americana blues-based soul music...writing material that is reminiscent of the kind of creativity and inspiration that came out of Stax or Muscle Shoals in their prime…In the earlier days of American music, one of the major labels would have signed this band up for a lucrative deal faster than you could say Zephyr, Fairport Convention and Pentangle.”

“The festival will begin with a performance by Jess and the Beards, a folk and blues band that plays some classic rock covers. Jess Novak — the Jess of the band’s name — said the band was definitely a perfect fit for the festival, besides the obvious fact that they are named The Beards. “Anyone can have a good time listening to our style of music,” Novak said.”

“Novak is nominated under the Best Pop category for her first CD, “Bad Habit,” which was released on Dec. 19, 2013. “She’s talented as a songwriter and I think they appreciate that in the SAMMYs. Musicianship comes into it a lot, and her album was really well done,” Baker said. “She’s in good company, it was one of the better albums to come out of Syracuse in the last year. She’s worked her a** off in the last year for it. I’m glad — she deserves it.””

“Multi-talented dynamo Jess Novak recently released her first solo CD entitled Bad Habit. Recorded in Syracuse, NY in 2013 and released in January 2014, the album “captures a moment in time, focusing on relationships, both good and bad, telling the stories with honesty.” – (ReverbNation.com description). Here is a look inside the creative process behind the cd artwork.”

“Singer-songwriter Jess Novak’s debut release is chock full of raw and intelligent tales, and she imbues even the most journal entry-style subjects with enough universal appeal to make them relatable. Her songs range from acoustic folk (“Worth It”) to blues (“Haven’t Found You Yet”), and sometimes blur the lines between the two (“Let You Know,” “Simple”). “Fritzi” stands out as Novak’s dusty vocals convey the powerlessness felt in the face of tragedy, and how the world goes on like nothing happened. On the acoustic closer “Zack,” Novak is at her most honest and vulnerable when she mourns a loss, “We don’t hate you God/We just want ’em back.” Written and performed with the grace and skill of a seasoned veteran, Bad Habit is one you’ll want to get into.”

“Most of Syracuse knows Jessica Novak for her coverage of the bustling music scene (among other things), but, I know her as a musician, first. So, this month I thought it would be fun to introduce to you the lady (and her music) who introduces much of Syracuse’s music to you. Jess arrives on time, with instruments. She busts them out and we start playing songs while talking music biz. CS: Tell us about Jess Novak - the “musician”...”

“Last night, I stopped by Coleman's to see some friends play a gig. In a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary cover, Jess and the Beards did a rocking rendition of Loudon Wainwright III's 'Daughter.' Electric guitar. Jamm sessions. Searing solos. It was cool.”