Jessi Robertson / Press

“Robertson has a voice that sounds like you imagine a hard life would sound, if a hard life could put its ups and downs to song... I remember the first time I heard Melissa Etheridge way back in 1988, the edgy, raw emotional energy she brought to her debut album just whalloped me hard. Jessi Robertson has that same fiery edge, reminding me of what made Etheridge such a vocal force early on...”

“Jessi is staggeringly vulnerable in her music. She risks all for the truth. But it's a truth that's sung with beautiful, soul-weary vocals that resonate with compassion, making Robertson's performance absolutely mesmerizing.”

“...a breathy, occasionally gritty contralto, over smartly arranged Americana rock... If you like the idea of Lucinda Williams but don't like all the cliches she falls back on, Jessi Robertson is for you.”

"...dark, lyrically driven songs and whiskey and honey-soaked voice..."

“Jessi Robertson's DIY aesthetic comes across not only in the home-recording bareness of her singer/songwriter guitar tunes, but in the honesty and openness of her lyrics. She sings like she's still in her bedroom, and that's refreshing rather than too raw – she's here simply to play, and is not at all shy about it.”

“Prolific, lyrically intense Americana songwriter”

“Jessi Robertson's voice is hauntingly beautiful.”

"This New York singer-songwriter draws comparisons to equally spirited alt-folk muses Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. But with her quavering, spiritual verses, the analogy she deserves is with Jeff Buckley, gender difference or no."

“Edgy Americana-inflected songwriter”

“Robertson expertly mixes an alt-country vocal style with electronic drumbeats, possessing a voice that commands attention from the first note. Her tone is captivating whether floating in a whispered reverie or letting loose over unconventional lyrics and acrobatic melodies.”

“Compared to Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey, Robertson is an enigmatic songwriter who focuses first and foremost of the art of the song, making each composition an adventure for the listener.”

"Artsy, atmospheric, soulful singer-songwriter"

“Imagine a withering roar that's all at once strong, vulnerable and beautiful. Jessi is a unique power-pop artist that delivers poetic insightful lyrics in catchy songs full of drama and life.”

“Jessi Robertson demonstrates the qualities in a singer that prove themselves time and time again. The qualities are of a soothing, soulful, graceful, honest, and emotive style. You will never want to stop listening to Jessi Robertson's story.”