Jessie Frye / Press

"Jessie Frye, who has a soulful voice, can craft Triple-A gems, and is photogenic. She — or her music — should be on some CW TV show, and I mean that in the best ways possible."

"If Frye ever chooses to venture further from the safety net of her undeniable talent, she might prove to be dangerous in alarming ways."

Darryl Smyers - Dallas Observer

"...a robust, versatile voice that she showcases with a wide-ranging pop sensibility." -The Wall Street Journal

"Ms. Frye confidently holds her own against distorted guitars and a thunderous beat." -The New York Times

"Become intrigued by the stylish, richly observed songs on record and fall completely head over heels in concert. Provided she maintains her relentless work ethic and continues composing songs that reward repeated listens, Frye is bound for big things." -Fireworks Child review

"Frye's EP is solid back to front...Fate is bringing success and it's time for her to be found." NBC-DFW.COM

"In the last year Jessie Frye has co-headlined a NX35 show, showcased at SXSW for the second year in a row, opened up for Pat Benatar and has hands down the best cover art in the area."

"...little will stop her from releasing a wonderfully potent full-length. Or from altogether blossoming into a full-fledged monster in the pop world." -Dallas Observer

Cory Graves - Dallas Observer

“Fireworks Child received an A- from Dallas Morning News pop critic Mario Tarradell”

Mario Tarradell - Dallas Morning News

"Jessie Frye's new EP, Fireworks Child, is due out next month and she took the opportunity Saturday, for a near-capacity crowd at J&J's Pizza, to show off some of her new songs. If it's even possible, the fresh tracks are sultrier than her previous output; Frye excels at bending her performance into something approaching full-on seduction. You're going to feel her pain, even if she has to crawl into your lap. Fireworks Child, in concert, anyway, doesn't feel like a bold leap forward, so much as a calculated refinement. She makes the trek to Austin later this week for an official SXSW showcase." www.dfw.com

Preston Jones - www.dfw.com