Jessica Ross / Press

"Jessica, such beautiful songs and what a lovely voice! Your passion shines through in your delivery of the lyrics! "Photographs" touched a place in my heart took to a place long ago! Thank you for sharing your talent! Blessings!"

Bread of life - Reverb Nation artist

"thanks for setting Reverbnation on fire with your great music!! Keep it ROCKIN' 24/7!! Your inspiration & passion for the words 'n music are RIGHT ON!!!"

lyme river - Reverb Nation artist

“Excellent songwriting and vocal delivery. You are very talented! Keep up the beautiful work.”

Kellie hoover - Reverb Nation artist

"You open your with your music Jess..and it is beautiful!"

Hose - Reverb Nation artist

"Whether it's the whispering style of 'Follow me Home' or straight from the heart belting vocals of 'Set the Night on Fire', Jessica Ross is the voice of Today...beautiful!"

Sarana VerLin - Reverb Nation artist