Jessica Rae / Press

“Jessica Rae, a Chicago native, certainly has that distinguished flair we all love to discover. This very talented singer and songwriter is nowhere near the 'mainstream' tunes we hear day to day...There is certainly a demand for true talent in the music industry today...and emerging artists, such as Jessica Rae, deserve every minute of the spot light.”

Daist De La Cruz - MODA Fashion Gazette

“Jessica Rae has the rare ability to take any song and add soul and emotion to it. her voice oozes passion. over the years i have seen her songwriting skills grow and mature - she has become a top notch writer.”

Aaron Jacoves - BLAST! Music Management

"... “Lost Again” sounds like it could and should become the “crossover” hit...Rae’s voice really shines. The chorus...is elegant in its simplicity and leads into some nice guitar work. This song, along with her ear for melody, is worth the price of admission."