Jessica Paris / Press

“HSB are a unique little oddball of a band and I dig what they’re doing. Sidestepping the humdrum stereotype of most blues and funk, they’ve taken their sound to its own cool level, and that’s what it’s all about.”

"Singers like Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell & Carole King in the past had seasoned vocals and a signature sound. Jessica Paris could be the heir to their throne."

"With her sexy web-page photos, strong but saucy voice, and emotional, quirky, and intelligent lyrics, Paris looks, sounds, and acts the part of a rock-and-roll siren"

"Pretty powerful stuff, and nicely cacooned by the poetic and musical aura found in the works of Paula Cole, Tori Amos, and Fiona Apple.

Scott Frost - Trentonian

““How many musicians these days can record an album without a computer and still sound just about ready for an indie record deal? The funk laid down throughout “Tempting the Gods” is sure to have crossover appeal outside the standard female musician genre.””

Gary Jacobs - Skope

"Strong women of song, like other walks of life, are good to find. Without a trace of voiced political larvicide, Paris asks, "Do you think my voice is sweet, like sugar cane?"; the answer is all but self-evident.

Paul Mick - Philly Edge