Jessica Brown / Press

"You're a Singer's singer Jess. I love how you do what you do. I dig your voice. The Tone of your voice is so sweet to the ear, your control, emotional content and probably most of all, the way it "makes sense" to my senses...(for lack of a better way to phrase it.) Thank you for all your hard work, It shows and it is much appreciated... From the heart, Nikk."

Nikolas Albury

" It is worth knowing and listening to people who overcame adversity to shine before everyone they entertain - Thank-you for shining on my part of the world! "

Larry Fuller

" Jessica Brown, your voice is very unique - the way you sing, goes perfectly with the music - you have a special kind of music quality that no one else can copy - talent is knocking at your door . . . and I can't wait to see you go big - thumb's up to a beautiful voice! "

Kyle Ela

" Completely Star Quality and definately not fake!- You will go as far as your heart and Voice will carry you!- Can't wait till you're a household name and make triple platinum ten times over!- Have a very blessed life and "Break a leg!"- You're going to have millions of fans before you are finished!- Hope you enjoy the ride and the work!- "

Michael Lee Kiser

"It's hard to find words to tell someone when they are so good in this business that you can sense it...... - You - are - that - good! "

L.z. Bones

" I truly love your voice - It is clean and refreshing - The breadth ot genres you are familiar with and can sing well is amazing - I am glad to know that there are artists like you still around - I really appreciate you sharing your talent with us "mere mortals".

William Isley

" You have an amazing voice, and are a miracle to music. - You've come a long way as a child, and have mastered your dreams. - Love your music! "

Walt Landmesser

" When I lay my head on my pillow after a tough day, I want to hear a great voice on my stereo - So over the years I went from Karen Carpenter to Alanis to - Jessica Brown - Thank you for singing me to sleep - thank you to all three for having "It" . "

Roderick Kessler

"I was having a bad day til I listened to your music!"

Steve Welch

" Hey everybody! - Jessica Brown - is my favorite new artist - If you are a music enthusiest than I would highly suggest listening to Jessica's music ... It is beautiful - "

James Mueth

" My Pleasure Being a Fan of True Good Music From A True Good & Beautiful Artist - I See You in the Real Big Lights in Your Near Future - Keep Making Hits & Doing What You Love - Best Wishes & Continuous Success ! "

DaBull Vee - Artist

" I was thoroughly impressed with "Be Here Now" - I can't decide who to share it with first ... radio play is guaranteed, if not already ongoing ... if you tour in Florida, hit N Florida twice! ... :D "

Troy Taylor

" Beautiful voice. . . Sincere dedication . . . Good Luck. . . On your way to Stardom! "

Clint Engelage

" Great moods, messages, & music! - The voice is to die for !!! - I'll think of you when I write in the future . . . L.U.K. ( Love You! - Kendall ) - Your friend in music! "

Kendall Stripling

" A style, all your own - and especially NICE - I Like that! - Good talent, Jess - Keep it going !!!!!!!!!!! "

Jonnie Sange

" You are amazing - You sound so much better than beyonce singing "Halo" - That should have been YOUR song - I am such a fan of yours - Keep on singing - Your voice is beautiful!

Brittany L.

"Be Here Now" . . . awesome !!! - Great sound, great music, and fabulously expressive vocals, Jessica! - We're definitely fans !!!

second journey - Artist ( UK )

"Hi Jessica - I love your hit song; "Be Here Now" - It Knocks My Socks Off ! "

Danny Torrez

"I'm very impressed with "Be Here Now" - I can't wait for more new music - You have a lovely voice - It's deeply moving! "

Clifford Wright

"BRAVO !!! - Real talent here ladies and gentleman! - My daughter and niece love this and so do I - I wish you great success on your career!"

Razkal King

" You are so awesome.- I would hope sometime in my career as a country singer I would become that good.- I predict a very bright future for you! "

Melvin Cox

" I can't wait for your album to be out! - I am getting it right away! : ) "

Philip Snell

" Jessica Brown Killin em !!! - u got a hel* of a voice!! "

Josh Young Bru Brunner - Artist

"It's people like you that inspire me. I would love for you to check out my fan page some time and just give some advice. Of course, my stuff sounds amateur compared to yours, but I'm doing it from the heart and for now, that is all I have to build on. Thanks so much for sharing your music with us."

Ricky Davila

"LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Wow, Lil Lady you keep this up ur gettin that Grammy!"

Rodney Boone

" You'll make it big one of these days, Jessica.- You have an interesting voice to work with and the music to convey it. - Congratulations! "

Paul Clifford Schrade

" Your variety of music styles and samples is awesome, Jessica! - Keep it rolling, and Keep the Faith ........ "

Lance Robert Hough

" You have an amazing voice girl !!! - Keep it up !!! - Big fan !!! "

Jason Rupprecht

" Dam* you got the words and I want to hear more.-Good job and keep doing what you are doing.- Have to share this on my page.- Thank you! "

Calvin Putney

" You are 100% Amazing ! - Keep it up ! "

Michael Lee Kiser

" Love the velvety tone in your voice. Great for romantic songs. Always let that passion show through! "

Paul Clifford Schrade


Bruce Callahan

" WoW !!!! - Beautiful voice......awesome !!!! :)

Lynn Johnson

" Love it- u r going 2 sell millions, billions of cd's! "

Aaron Secunda

" Hey beautiful, I love "One in a Million" ! Miss you tons too, Call me when you got some time to catch up! - Take Care!

Droopy - Artist

" ♥ amazingnessssssss! "

Christopher Andrew Clark

" Sharing this page!.............. "

Boyd Wilson

" Like a beautiful songbird ♥ "

Angeline Marushin

" Great job. Keep up the great work. By the way, would you marry me. Not sure if this is a LOL or not. OH WELL "

Steve Schaffer

" I only listen to country music. I liked your song and you have a beautiful voice, I think you will go far. Good Luck! "

Jack Chappins

" i just decided to check you out and i'm liking what i hear. your goin places. keep it up. :D "

Jacob Whooley

"You get better each time I hear you, girl.... Keep it up!!"

Kurt M. Larson

" .... As a fan, it touched me !! - it makes you feel like it's just for you !! - awesome! - as a musician, don't let this one go !!! - I think you really have something there! " ( *comments on a new song that I am working on - "On My Way To You" )

Steve Dowell

" Waiting for this song to be #1 on those charts! :) " ( *comments on a new song that I am working on- "On My Way To You" )

Arty Rosen

" You have a beautiful voice ... would love to work with you one day ... write a song for you or with you "

Astrum Ortus - Artist

" JESSICA that was awesome. Thank you.... " ( * In reaction to "Come Home" video & song )

Joseph Sanzari

" AWESOME VOICE - GREAT SONG !!! " ( *comments on a new song that I am working on - "On My Way To You " )

Jack Peterson

" There's a bit of Gloria Estafan in your eyes and smile ... that's a good thing.- I am glad I found your fb page. - the sound ... the look ... it all works. Good Luck!

Paul Douglas Wilson

" Great job jessica ...touching and a beautiful voice " ( * In reaction to "Come Home" video & song ) " Loved your song and your voice ... thank you ...real nice but sad number ... "

George Hudson

" Wow this is incredible .... " ( * In reaction to "Come Home" video & song )

Lorraine Sieminski

" You're very talented! - I looked on itunes to purchase your music but wasn't listed - Where can your music be purchased? " Jessica : " I am working hard on finishing my first CD! - I am truly humbled by your requests for my music- I will keep you updated regularly on the status of the CD - I am grateful to each and every one of you! - My music is my passion and I am so happy to be able to share it with you. - Thanks Again!

Jeffry Allan Miner

" Jessica it sounds so great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Joseph Sanzari

" Your music is really great! ............. Many greetings from Germany! "

Retinnio - Artist

" Versitile girl. Sounds like the style fits. Your voice can be great for inflections ... sort of Leonna Lewis kind of thing ...?!! "

Paul Clifford Schrade

" just played two of your tracks, you sound great girl ! .................. "

Byron Murth

" Nice To See You On Top - Hang In There! "

LANE ( Artist )

" Your music is amazing : ) "

Dean Grey


Rodney Boone

“#1 - " Good Luck to you and with your music, you have a beautiful voice! " #2 - " Beautiful Voice! ~ Love it !!! " ”

Lorraine Sieminski

" All the songs sound real nice jessica. You truly have a beautiful voice! "

Jay Wilson

“U have so much talent. Keep doing ur thang grl !!”

Artist - DonnyK

"You have a nice tone to your voice, Jess. Keep up the good work!"

Ned Austin Brooks

“Wow, You're really amazing, I like the "Halo" cover alot :]”

Christopher Andrew Clark

"Sounds good, girl ... Rock on ! " ........................... " Keep up the good music ! " ~ ♥

Jessica L. Hallman

"Love your voice & the variation in your songs! Keep it up, know you'll go Far! Talent ***** 5 Stars!"

Maureen Brown

"You have an amazing talent for singing! :D Keep up the Fabulous work!"

Tyler Trent

"You have an amazing talent for singing! :D Keep up the fabulous work"

Tyler Trent

"Very well done, you def have the talent to go places!"

Bernie Doucette

"I heard the first 3 seconds of "take me away from here". And i was sure i would love the song> i was right :) . The songs are freggin tight!!!"

Daniel Hernandez