Jesse Taylor / Press

“Jesse Taylor is authentically dressed in cowboy boots and a well-worn hat, the shine from his rodeo belt buckle paired with faded jeans that have graced many a saddle. With a genuine smile and clear eyes, the young Arlington man isn’t pretending to be a cowboy. He lives the life, and he sings about his experiences and observations with an equally authentic tone. Taylor grew up in Arlington, the son of a rodeo team roper and musician, and graduated from Arlington High School in 2005. His father, Jody Taylor, introduced Jesse to the rodeo lifestyle along with the tradition of singing around the campfire. Jesse began roping when he was 3, and picked up the guitar at age 4. The first song he learned to play was George Strait’s “Amarillo by Morning.””

“with a side-trip to Nashville. The 24-year-old Taylor began working as a wrangler at the Koele Stables on the island of Lanai, which is part of Hawaii, in August of 2010, just one month after he’d been playing his guitar in a little bar just east of Kalispell, Mont., where he first caught the ear of the wife of the manager of the Koele Stables.”

“We had finished a gorgeous three hour horseback ride through the Lana’i highlands and were back in the Koele stables, cleaning up and guzzling bottles of water. While we were decompressing, a young guy with a slight build and gigantic cowboy hat approached with guitar in hand and asked if we’d like to hear a song. This was Jesse Taylor, one of the two wranglers at Koele and as I would soon learn, a real life singing cowboy.”

“Jesse Taylor is a young country singer who is letting his career take him from Nashville to Hawaii and, today, to Dubai, one handshake at a time. Taylor, an Arlington native, makes his own brand of original country music and then has taken his guitar and CDs on the road, living out of his pickup truck and singing in bars and at rodeos, selling and sharing his music where he can.”