Jesse Keith Whitley / Press

“How hard is it, following in your dad's footsteps?”

“Jesse Keith Whitley is in the midst of a radio tour in hopes that his new song, "Kentucky Thunder" will take the country by storm. ”

“Jesse Keith shows off his ability to sing traditional country and like both of his parents, he's damn good at it. ~ Roughstock”

“Jesse Keith Whitley Releases Debut Country EP”

“Jesse Keith Whitley CD Release Party”

“Jesse Keith Whitley officially enters family business with 1st single release ”

“Jesse Keith Whitley Promotes Debut Album ‘Kentucky Thunder’ At BMI.”

“Jesse Keith Whitley Releases New Single This Week”

"The name is familiar to anyone that knows country music and its rich history."

“Artist Spotlight: Lorrie Morgan & Jesse Keith Whitley - All In The Family”

“Jesse Keith Whitley is a legend even at such a young age only 23.”

“Lorrie Morgan Introduces her Son Jesse Keith Whitley”