“Jesse Jaxx is a great rapper, I love the straightforward lyrics and the way Jesse is able to create the setting and skillfully explain the storyline of his songs within the beat. He raps within a pure and honest lyrical framework. There is no pretentiousness, arrogance or egoistical characteristics in his rhyming flow – a well-known trait among many USA-based rappers. All the musical and lyrical, twists and turns, featured on this single feel expertly crafted. The rhymes are clever, the music is rich, the emotions are raw and the themes are crystal clear. Though the single, “For My Dragons”, is only made up of two tracks, the richness of the tones, and the variation in the moods, make this a thrilling listen from start to finish. In a nutshell, Jesse Jaxx makes music that is aesthetically pleasing, emotionally resonant, and entirely relevant.”

“Die Videos werden echt immer besser! Echt geil geworden! // The videos are getting better and better, really hot!”

Sergio (Make it Wild)

“Ein Händeschütteln nach dem hören von meiner musik is wie ein bild - es sagt mehr als tausend worte! __ A Handshake after hearing my music is like a picture - It tells more than 1000 words!”


“Ich hör immer wieder "Blaq Magic is a dope song" anscheinend doch euer favorite der letzten CD #2011 #getusedtoit ThanxX nochmal! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8CKju7vLxo”

The People - BLAQ Magic

“Beste Cd's im Deutschen Musikhandel erhältlich sind: Kool Savas -Aura & Jaxx Da Blaqnum - Intoxicated Vol.II”

Blizzad - Best Cd's

“six in da mornin' ist genial! gute arbeit ;)”

Axel Gress - Genial!

“alter ent geil! Ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen: Dein Bester Track bisher, könnte mir des gut mal im Club oder so vorstellen!”

Johann Heitmair - six in da mornin: best song

“Hello beautiful music compliments. Greetings from ITALY.”

CRISTIAN - compliments

“nice trax -- keep up the good work. I Just became your Fan!”

"i heard yo kush remix cuh! u got mad rhythm dogg. Otha fake ass rappers caint put it down lyk that cuh" Jayceon Aintboutdemgames Newton III

“missing snoop but got mad flow”

“Jaxx and his homie blizz teamed up with Warlord tha great (former Death Row Records Artist) for a couple of songs and album features! Warlord is about to drop a new album and a dvd where Blizz and Jaxx goin to appear! "Ready 4 War" da bangin track from Warlord features Blizzad & Jaxx Da Blaqnum and is gonna be featured on Jaxx's upcomin mixtape "Intoxicated Vol.2: Get Used To It!" (coming soon)”

SBM/Triple HM - Worldwide Family: Jaxx, Blizz AND Warlord

"Ghetto Queen" from his first mixtape attained da top 10 and is still in the charts of soundclick. This song also attained a certification from IAIRA. The International Association of Independent Recording Artists (IAIRA) is a company that represents the independent recording industry throughout the world. IAIRA recognizes and honors artistic achievement, technical proficiency, and overall excellence in sound recording. IAIRA extensively researches various credible reporting charts and certifies the chart position attained by a specific work. On the basis of that research, IAIRA has qualified the release Ghetto Queen, by Jaxxson as eligible for Certification as an International 'Top 100'.

IAIRA - IAIRA about "Ghetto Queen"