Jesse Adams / Press

“From almost pure blues through ‘Metallica’ style ballads, to ‘wall of sound’ thrash – this album contains a lot. All things considered, this is a remarkably professional offering for a debut album. ”

“4.5 out of 5 stars for "All Things Considered"!”

“With his muscular vocals, his impressive instrument virtuosity and his ability as a producer, Jesse's music is a force of nature that can't be stopped or controlled ~ only enjoyed.”

Independent Artist Company's Featured Artist of the Week

“In regards to 'Something To Hold On To"; Jesse's distinctive vocal dynamics and tone makes this one truly a real fine engaging piece, solid production, as usual, tripping guitar, just enough, tasty work there. Captures you with the driving rhythms and soaring heartfelt vocals...”

“'2 L8 4 Tears' takes an extra step towards the experimental plunging into some deeper jazz, weirder rhythms and, believe it or not, rap courtesy of vocalist Jesse Adams. I find rap hard to get on with at the best of times but this works. It's a bold move. This is one of my favourites. Jesse Adams returns for 'Fighting The Undertow'... Here he ranges from Eminem to whacked-out King Crimson eccentricity to full-on metal growling.”

“He's a good drummer, singer, guitar player, keyboard player. His songs are amazing. He works with people from all over the world. His music has a somewhat Alice in Chains vibe, except that he's expanded it to include his own style, like rapping.”

“...the CD is great, you did a kick ass job all around - there is nothing "not to like" about it. It's not a good "indie CD", it's not a good "guitar CD" - IT'S JUST FLAT OUT A GOOD CD.”