Jerry Oliver / Press

“Jerry has been quietly working on his craft for years and deserves a much larger audience. Hopefully this record will get him just that.”

Jim Reilley - The New Dylans

“The Jerry O show is a trip. A journey...of sound. I recommend it.”

DJ Glenn McReynolds - WRFN Radio Free Nashville (Lunch With Glenn McReynolds)

“Jerry Oliver's new album has been captivating me lately. When I discover new music I often want it to take me on a journey. First it challenges and sometimes disturbs before one little moment completely wins me over. Jerry's record has definitely passed that test.”

Jim Reilley - The New Dylans

“Nashville, are you ready for Americana with a bad ass, trippy guitar? I hope so. Cause he's here.”

DJ Glenn McReynolds - WRFN Radio Free Nashville (Lunch With Glenn McReynolds)

“He (Jerry) displays an eccentric, quirky bent all over his new album, with a slightly sinister, yet inviting snarl...”

Mark Suppanz - The Big Takeover

“Jerry Oliver has a certain kind of artistic courage that you can't deny”

“After so many LP's, Oliver's creativity shows no signs of waning.”

Mark Suppanz - The Big Takeover

“Jerry Oliver, who is a guitar instructor by day, has an easy way of showing you his skill.”

T. Alexander - Pulse Of The Twin Cities

“Jerry pulls off some indescribable, Stevie Ray Vaughn/Warren Hayes style guitar licks, and sounds like a seven on the Joe Strummer-Axl Rose pH scale.”

“Rich, full-sounding background textures accompany smart pop/rock tunes.”

“Death of The Avant-Garde turns out to be a wonderfully Prog new wave tune. This will get people up and moving whether on the radio, in a club or on the stage of a stadium.”

“The strange thing about this record is that despite its varying styles, it maintains its unity, never sounding incoherent. Oliver seamlessly weaves the styles together track to track, making it a fun and catchy record, perfect for summer driving.”