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“Jerry Jennings – Shortcut To The Center (Self Distributed) Produced by Ronnie Montrose, this re-release from 2005 proves the jazz-and-rock-influenced guitarist Jennings has fine compositional skills. Some songs call to mind Steely Dan, with clever pop leanings of “Rule 14″ or the shuffle of “The Next Mile,” with guitar changes calling to mind Becker and Fagan. Jennings’ sound and tone are perfect. When he needs to be big and biting, like on the funky “Feeding Time,” he cuts through, illustrating how he doubles lines in ways that truly add to the song. Montrose adds acoustic guitar to one song, then trades solos with Jennings on “One Blue Lady.” Like any good instrumental album, the strong point here is the songs. Even when playing an altered blues like “Weather Manipulation,” Jennings is imminently listenable. –JH”

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“Shortcut To The Center This album which had a limited release in the early 2000′s where it was only sold at gigs by the band finally is available worldwide. “Shortcut To The Center” which was produced by Ronnie Montrose (who also contributes some searing guitar on the track “One Blue Lady”) is a terrific mixture of jazz/fusion along with rock and roll. Never loud or excessive, Jerry goes for being smooth and hits the mark. His melodic style and jazzy tone is the perfect blend for anyone in the need of a six string dose of cool It is hard to pick out favorite moments on this disc as it is so good from start to finish... In other words each track has something to offer and depending on the mood they will strike you in different ways... You can hear the many influences that Jerry names in the music he plays. Pat Metheny, Weather Report, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Frank Zappa are just a few and all have contributed to the sound that Jennings has molded into his own..”


“2010: Surprise! by Jason Warburg Indie Progressive Jazz Fusion Album of the Year Jerry Jennings – Shortcut To The Center Granted, this was the *only* progressive jazz fusion album I reviewed this year, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t spectacular — it was. Fusion in the most literal sense, Shortcut To The Center finds and occupies the nexus between rock, jazz, blues and pop, spinning out one absorbing instrumental after another. Simply one of the best composed, played, produced and imagined records I heard this year.”

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