Jerrra Blues / Press

“Its really hard to achieve big results in music nowadays due to the competition, lack of financing and industry downhill. So lets say I do what I can and it fills my life with sense. Where its going to take me nobody knows.”

“Yes – there’s a whole lot of “truth telling” going on here. But let me go on record by saying this album is definitely one of my favorite mood-pop CD’s I’ve heard in recent memory. The songs definitely dance from one tempo and style to the next. Unlike most artists of this ilk, Jerra Blues never feels like it’s forced upon you either like many superficial artists that seem stuck in time. These types of records fully let me in to see the scope and the breadth of the artist, so you could really understand so much more than the music.”

“From the East coast to the West coast, one of the industrys rising stars is here via Spectra records and here latest 10 track collection called Soul Inspirer.”

“It’s all relative, of course, and fans of Lauryn Hill, Joss Stone, Lily Allen and Corina Bailey Rae will no doubt love Jerra Blues. Other fans will perhaps find more to love about these 10 songs, but I can’t not give credit where it’s due. Jerra Blues has talent, She is not some tacky superficial artist trying to get your attention; she has probably lived the life and walks the walk. She is for real, this music is real, and it’s what the world needs right now – something real. Let me repeat that in case you missed it – what the world needs right now – something real. “Soul Inspirer” is something real delivered by a real person, who is armed with real life experiences and sung straight from heart and soul.”

“You can tell by listening to real “good” music by the “keep it real” impression it makes on the world and by the footprint it leaves behind. Sometimes it can come out in a passionate vocal line, a social movement, or a song that is sung with emotional bewilderment. The collection of songs featured here by Jerra Blues is a non-stop presentation of all-out electro/synth pop with traces of hip hop and soul. Making use of every production and sampling trick in the book, it’s hard not to find something you’ll like on this 10 track collection.”

“Soul Inspirer does what it’s supposed to do – inspires the soul. These songs are beautifully performed and will have the listener drifting off into various emotional landscapes—if I may take the liberty to sound so corny. I get the same sensation with Jerra Blues as I do with Estelle, Amy Winehouse, Jazmine Sullivan and Kelis. When listening to the vocal greats, there’s nothing to be nitpicky about. Nothing to pinpoint and say, “Aha, this is where they screwed up!” You simply get lost in the music, to the point of not wanting to find your way out. Soulful vocal enthusiasts that love electronic based Pop should definitely check out Jerra Blues as she is clearly worthy of your time and possibly more.”

“Jerrra Blues is a true artist in every sense of the word. When she sings she emotes the feelings necessary for the listener to comprehend what she is singing about, feeling and thinking.”

“Jerrra Blues is a breath of fresh air when it comes to her lyrics. They tell stories and this is real songwriting.”

“Recently signed with Spectra Music Group, her album “Soul Inspirer: Revised” is being re-released in August 2014.”

“With witty, creative lyrics and thoughtful musical compositions, songs by Jerrra Blues have a unique theme and stand out from the crowd of an otherwise plain lyrics genre.”

“Sick Single “Keeping me high” and Dubstep Remix just came out on Itunes, Amazon, Last.Fm and other web-sites. Music video to this song is gonna be ready by the end of October. Director: Maria Shurupova.”

“Специально для нашей web-гавани Madam Blues высказала свое личное мнение о некоторых вещах, касающихся стиля и образа жизни. ("Especially for our web-harbor, Madam Blues expressed her personal opinions about some things concerning the style and way of life.")”