Jerome Randall / Press

“Hey guys, A fellow singer songwriter - Artist name: Doug Dickens on Reverb Nation just sent me the following message: "Jerome, i tip my hat to your efforts out here and will be having your great music up on this Saturday's showcase. Stop by and say hi..... Doug Doug has been playing my original songs on his internet showcase Reverbnation Showcase of Independent Artists program over the past year... if ya get a chance - stop by and check it out this Saturday, 12/22/12 RJ”

Jerome Randall - Reverbnation Showcase of Independent Artists program

“IMRadio release! Jerome Randall was invited to upload songs! These song(s) will be in IMRadio's radio rotation within 24-72 hrs... 1. Coffee Taylor - by Jerome Randall 2. Papagayos - Dulcimer Hospice by Jerome Randall 3. Dulcimer Hospice- Afternoon Tea - Jerome Randall 4. My Day With LJ - by Jerome Randall ”