Jeremiah Johnson Band / Press

“If Eric Clapton were to hire a house band for his Crossroads festival, Jeremiah Johnson would be the perfect candidate... It’s tough for a guitarist to make a fresh statement treading the same earth as giants like Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but the Jeremiah Johnson Band succeeds, fueled by confident, flexible musicianship and a palpable adoration for the music they play.”

“The Jeremiah Johnson Band are the real deal; they encapsulate blues rock at its best. This album will hopefully prove to be a springboard to take them out of their native St Louis and establish the band on the international blues circuit, a place worthy of a group with such talent.”

“BLUES HEART ATTACK is not your everyday blues/rock effort. It’s a cut above, thanks to the inspired songwriting and spirited performances from Jeremiah Johnson and the band. This release should please fans of several musical genres.”