Jenny Franck / Press

“Jenny Franck's sultry voice brings out the deepest of blues in her song 'Blue', (featured in 'Hits the series'). She carries you away into a fantasy. Jenny has a perfect voice to make you swoon.”

Johnny Perkins - Executive Producer of 'Hits the series' with Green Lion Studios

“It was a pleasure working with Jenny Franck. Her professional approach to promoting a show, as well as her talent and easy going nature is unmatched. I look forward to working with Jenny in the future!”

Patrick Scully - CEO of Lost and Found Talent, Music Promoter

“Jenny Franck's new hit song 'Black Crows' was a perfect fit for our new feature film (Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun). So we included it in the movie and as part of the motion picture soundtrack. Jenny Franck is a superstar in the making.”

Damien Dante - Director/Producer/Writer/Co-Creator of Jezebeth

“I have such a deep appreciation for Jenny Franck and her music. Her songs reach out and touch your very soul”

.Jeffrey A Swanson - President of Dark Star Records

“Jenny’s unique style captivates you from the first note to the last strum. Jenny’s an infinitely talented singer/songwriter who’s fearless, genuine, refreshing, worldly. Jenny Franck has the raw talent of a Jewel, with more passion…the passion of a Liz Phair, but with a better voice. Her voice has the sheer beauty of a Natalie Merchant, but with a much edgier sound; the edge of Alanis Morrisette but without all the man-hating bitterness. I’m sure you’ll agree with my belief that Jenny Franck is going places!”

Mike Noonan - 96.7FM