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"Jenn, you might be 'walking around at four in the morning' and 'have 'no fear' and but bloomin' look where you're going" as she mooches about in the dark by some sea and a few pillars looking the wrong way with her hat pulled over her eyes. Anyway, ignoring personal safety, Rhode Isand rocker Jenn's sultry low tones suit this DIY grungey groover, pepped up by Psychedelic Fur axe fella John Ashton."

"‘The Woman With No Fear’ is the first single from the the new ‘Strange Buildings E.P.’ which comprises of five tracks, with two of them "The Woman With No Fear” and "Weirdo” featuring former Psychedelic Furs Guitarist, John Ashton, on rhythm guitar. No surprises regarding the driving guitar on the featured song, however Jenn's singing is superbly matched for this type of music. Vocally she reminds me in part of Julie Driscoll, and as a fan of her music (and also the Psychedelic Furs) this is a double helping of delight for me. The five songs on the EP differ quite a lot, both in pace and musical styles, all of them, are really strong. If you like 'The Woman With No Fear', grab the EP."

“It seems to be high time for me to spread some mystery all around: Jenn Vix and Reeves Gabrels have recently released a new track “Speed of Light” and I cannot wait to review it. But first of all, let me present you Jenn Vix and Reeves Gabrels. Jenn Vix is an artist from Providence, Rhode Island, who has managed to master practically all roles possible in a band: vocals, songwriting, bass guitar, synths, drums, lead guitar and even some programming. The music genres associated with her work are electronic, independent. Jenn released her self-titled debut album on her own label, Umbrella, in 1995 and it was reviewed in Rolling Stone magazine. Since then she has found her niche and her loyal fans. Vix’s third album, “3″, was very successful. Reeves Gabrels – “one of the most daring rock-guitar improvisers since Jimi Hendrix”. He is famous and respected for his long partnership with David Bowie, but he has worked with many other known bands and artists.”

“Jenn Vix, who has previously been recognized by Rolling Stone, releases this wonderful new single, aided and abetted by ex-Cure drummer Andy Anderson and guitarist Mark Montalto, to deliver a memorable track that I can’t get enough of. Her voice is striking; warm, enveloping and emotional. And the intesting nuance is in the production, where it doesn’t sound “over-retro” and too much like one may think, keeping the human touch in the performance.”

“In Vix's case, however, the wonder isn't always wide eyed - she's a wised up dreamer, prophesying out of experience and hurt.”

Rolling Stone

“Enter the web of Jenn Vix’s electronic rock and its dark and cinematic undertones. Vix’s manifestations are full of atmosphere and musical hooks.”

“5 Stars - Out of 5. The production on this album is brilliant, a true testament to Jenn's skills as a producer as well as a songwriter. The album seeps with emotion and synthetic brilliance.”

Poseidon - issue 11 - Gothic Beauty

“It recalls the Gothic pop of the early 80's. That's no accident - Vix names Tubeway Army, The Cure, and Siouxsie & The Banshees among her favorite groups.”

CMJ New Music Monthly

“She is like a virgin swimmer, walking the shores of pageantry, dipping her toes fleetingly into little pools of activity.”

Mick Mercer - STARVOX