Jenn Rogar / Press

"you sound like Anne Murray and Karen Carpenter"

listener at show - fan

“Jenn Rogar's debut album of powerfully passionate songs about peace, justice, and social change is described as healing. This CD features the songs "Tree of Life" and the anti-death penalty song "Prayer for Morales." ”

MarilynsonK press release - Sacramento365.com

“Jenn's music is described as "healing" and with "great warmth and authenticity." Her voice has been compared to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell . Her music is in the folk genre, but is primarily political folk in the tradition of the legendary Holly Near -- using her music as a tool for social change. ”


“reminiscent of Joan Baez...”

fan - show attendee

“your voice is soothing and warm...and I can even understand the words. I love your soul!”

fan - show attendee