Jenni Reid / Press

“With her resume and determination, becoming a household name seems to be only a matter of time.”

“As she could easily be the next star out of Jacksonville, I recommend seeing her now, so you can say you knew her when.”

“Who are the musical heroes of this 22 year oldJacksonville singer-guitarist? Jewel, Alanis Morissette, Taylor Swift? Nope. Try Elvis and Johnny Cash. Reid describes her music as "edgy acoustic pop."”

Daytona Beach News-Journal

“There is no other way to put it. The energy from Josiah, One Love, and the Atlanta opener, Jenni Reid, was so infectious, and gave good conversation between sets.”

“Reid described her idea of success as having people she doesn’t know calling her their favorite artist. Money isn’t important. She'd like to travel and play shows around the country, but not necessarily at big venues or for huge audiences. “I want people to know my name and say, ‘Wow, that Jenni Reid is something,’ ” she said.”

“Jenni Reid is a 22 year old local Jacksonville musician. She is an Art Walk regular!”

Honor Stewart - The Campus Voice

“Reid was on set of 'One Tree Hill' in the fictional club, called Tric. As actress Sophia Buch -who plays the character Brooke on the show- was taking pictures, Schwahn said to her "Make sure you get Jenni Reid in the shot", and invited Reid up. Almost fainting from shock, Reid talked with Schwahn about her campaign. Schwahn explained how they had noticed her efforts and wanted to do something about it… 'One Tree Hill taught me that dreams come true every single day' reminisced Reid 'And, in the end, it showed me that those weren't just words. With heart and hard work, and the will to never give up, the impossible is not so impossible.'”

“On her CD, the best of her is distilled and edited. I love what came of that streamlining, but seeing her live is a different experience, and one that I enjoyed.”