Jennifer Nasto / Press

"Jennifer, You have a great voice! Keep doing what you're doing cause you're doing it right :) Cheers!"

"Oh, yeah, Jennifer is a tremendous talent. Thank you for blessing us with your wonderful gift of praise! "

"Wow girl, you are Intense!!! Best wishes"

"Beautiful voice and awesome songs!"

" My prayer for for you is absolutely beautiful. I truly felt ministered to through the lyrics and your singing. Thank God for His gifts! God bless you Jennifer."

"Wowwwww! U have an amazing voice!!! "


" I'm real excited for you! You're moving on up..and you deserve it ! Go girl!!! I'm watching! Talent always shines thru !"

"My Prayer For You is beautiful, great job Jennifer!"

"May the Lord shine his light on your music forever!!"

"Your voice is truly amazing..Clear,bright and smooth.I loved the tinge and the vibrato.. Both songs are fantastic..Take care nad best luck to you."

"You have a great voice! Keep doing what you're doing cause you're doing it right :) Cheers!"

"You deserve only the best..you remind me of Sandi Patty only you are sweet and much warmer.Love your voice and your song. Pray that God will place you on the big platform that He called you to. Keep pressing on!!"


"Thank you for sharing your music :) You are just amazing! God is so good to give me the opportunity to meet artists like your self. I wish you many blessings sister!"

"Beautiful Jennifer, that's music coming deep from your heart!"

"Beautiful voice! God Bless!"

"What a beautiful voice you have....you sing with so much feeling and soul! All the best, keep making beautiful music!"

"I've listened and just like years ago I am still absolutely taken aback by your most breathtaking voice ~ keep it up beautiful!"

Nancy Henning - Fan

"I love it so beautiful, the songs are awesome, lot's of talent MEGA Talent!!!! "

"We are so proud of you........keep praising His Name. "

"This is amazing Jen! Hearing "Grown Up Christmas List" took me right back to high school choir. The album is beautiful, congratulations!"

"You did an awesome job at the Christmas program at church. You have an amazing gift. "

"Wow Jennifer you sound fantastic!! Didn't realize the singing talent, you have a beautiful voice."

"So proud of you Jennifer!!! Best wishes for all you do and accomplish! "

"Sounds good girl! I liked silent night and have yourself a merry little christmas the best!! "

"Amazing voice, CD and wesbite! You go girl!"

"OMG! You have a beautiful voice! I actually got goosebumps during "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". I love your velvety smooth, jazzy style. Awesome gift you have."

"Love the site and you have a very beautiful voice and you have great talent! It was great to meet you again!"

"Jennifer! This is so exciting! You sing like an angel and I know God has wonderful plans for you. I can't wait to hear more! "

"BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy for you! Keep me posted as to whats happening with your career!"

"Congrats on the invite to Nashville, I'll keep you on the prayer list that all will go well for you as you seek to fulfill God's will in your life. Blessings and Favor to you!"

"...Just checking out your page and I'm so happy for you and your voice! Amazing like always! I'm so proud of you..."

"All I can say is "WOW!" Beautiful testimony, beautiful voice!"

"Way to go Jennifer! May God continue to guide you and hold you in His arms as you tell the world about His amazing love!"

"Awesome! Beautiful! Annointed!"

"We are very proud of you, and thank you for your songs of worship to our King!"

"Just listened to you again, your voice is truly beautiful !"

Deborah Pira, SC - Recording Artist