Jennifer Logue / Press

"Jennifer has a voice that takes you to another place. She can erase all the wrong in the world by simply singing."

“Think of EP’s and there usually isn’t too much enthusiasm involved, but The Pretty EP by Jennifer Logue may change all that with her sound and attitude with seven new refreshing songs from this talented singer and songwriter.”

“Jennifer Logue has the bounce and brightness of the Bangles, often the voice of a Cindy Lauper cutting snappy pop folk country, and the music of Billy Joel blended with a bit of Elvis Costello, Elton John, and the Blondie side of the 80s chart sound.”

Mark S. Tucker - FAME

“Pretty has charms to sooth the savage beast in many of us; anyone with a shameless love for female pop artists who do it honest and come from a pure, love-of-the-music sort of place, Jennifer Logue may be just what the doctor ordered.”

Music Emissions

“Jennifer Logue is bringing infectious attitude & sound on her new EP, Pretty. The NYC-based singer/songwriter offers up a little rock/pop/folk mixed with country influences, but delivered in such a pleasant fashion. Logue has seven new refreshing tracks that are so ready for human consumption.”

“...I can only imagine that the follow-up to this album will be on everyone’s top ten for the year. If you like strong female vocalists that have a softer, more emotive side, Jennifer Logue’s “Pretty” EP is something that simply cannot be missed. ”